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Activision is making another “AAA mobile game” to add to CoD Mobile franchise

Published: 9/Jun/2021 8:51 Updated: 9/Jun/2021 8:53

by Brad Norton


Activision has launched a brand new in-house studio centered around mobile development. As its first major project, the team that’s currently forming is set to work on a new ‘AAA mobile title’ in the Call of Duty franchise.

Mobile gaming is on the rise around the globe and Western publishers are now paying more attention to this growing sector of the industry than ever before. As one of the biggest gaming juggernauts out there, Activision has already been ahead of the curve in expanding its IP across the handheld community.

From Diablo Immortal to the immensely successful CoD Mobile, many of its most popular franchises have already landed on mobile devices. Up until now, however, these projects have been led by Chinese studios external to the Activision Blizzard umbrella. NetEase is largely responsible for the new Diablo entry while TiMi Studios developed and released CoD Mobile.


Moving forward, the United States-based company appears eager to create new handheld titles themselves. A new Activision Mobile studio has been unveiled and its first project is an all-new CoD game to partner Call of Duty Mobile.

CoD Mobile
CoD Mobile has been a smash hit for Activision and now, they’re doubling down on its success.

Spotted on the Activision careers hub, the renowned developers are hiring for a Mobile Producer role. In this new environment at the Santa Monica headquarters, devs will be taking responsibility for the first in-house mobile game.

“Our first project is a new AAA mobile title in the Call of Duty franchise,” the job listing revealed. It’s still early days yet, so it’s unclear what this new game might look like. It is clear, however, that it will be a separate entity from CoD Mobile.


This new team will not only be focusing on AAA development but also assisting with “live operations” for CoD Mobile as well. Indicating no plans to have this new project replace the already popular handheld title.

Early development has only just begun as the new team begins to form in California. As a result, there’s no telling just how far off we might be from its eventual release — it won’t be in 2021, we’d say.

CoD Mobile gameplay
Given CoD Mobile already has its own core multiplayer modes and even a battle royale, there’s no telling what this new project might focus on.

Activision reportedly raked in $2.28 billion throughout the first quarter of 2021 alone. Now more than ever, the CoD franchise is helping to boost earnings through new seasonal structures and microtransaction models.


With more than 500 million downloads of CoD Mobile to date, it’s no surprise that a complementary title is now in development. We’ll keep you posted right here as any further information comes to light on the new mobile title.