Team aBeZy wins $50K Crimsix CoD Vanguard tournament: Final results

Brad Norton
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Competitive Call of Duty legend Crimsix just hosted his very own $50,000 CoD Vanguard tournament and while Team aBeZy came out on top, we’ve got you covered with a full recap of how the action unfolded.

  • aBeZy, skyz, x2pac_thuglord, ColtHavok close out top spot.
  • $50,000 prize pool.
  • Crimsix hosted his first Vanguard event.

With CoD pros now getting comfortable with Vanguard, the massive tournaments just keep rolling in. The latest major event came from newly minted Subliners star Crimsix as the veteran hosted his own $50K event in a collaboration with BoomTV.

16 stacked teams competed in a huge bracket for more than just bragging rights. If you missed any of the action, we’ve got you covered with a full overview of all there is to know.

$50K Crimsix CoD Vanguard tournament: Final Placements (Top 8)

Placement Team
1st Team aBeZy
2nd Team Kenny
3rd Team Insight
4th Team Arcitys
Top 6 Team Shotzzy
Team Cammy
Top 8 Team Clayster
Team Censor

$50K Crimsix CoD Vanguard tournament: Results & Recap

Just hours after the last big Vanguard event, the world’s top talent jumped right back into Crim’s $50K tournament. With S&D in focus, every squad was firing on all cylinders trying to outsmart the opposition.

While some of the lineups didn’t quite gel, as the likes of Team Envoy and Team Scump fell without winning a series, others were able to shine. Team aBeZy, for instance, cruised all the way to the Grand Finals without dropping a series.

The very last series saw them in a heated battle against Team Kenny. Despite going all the way to a map five, it wasn’t meant to be for Kenny’s squad. Team aBeZy took charge in the final map to close out the win.

$50K Crimsix CoD Vanguard tournament: Streams & Schedule

No different from usual, this $50,000 CoD Vanguard event was hosted on the official BoomTV Twitch channel. 

Most competitors were also streaming their own POVs directly as well, with Crim himself also keeping on top of the action through his Twitch channel too.

It all kicked off at 12PM PT | 3PM ET on Tuesday, November 23 and ran throughout most of the day.

$50K Crimsix CoD Vanguard tournament: Format

16 teams full of elite CoD talent dropped into Crim’s $50,000 tournament. Unlike most recent events, however, this one didn’t feature a mix of modes. Instead, it was Search and only Search the whole way through.

All games were best of five as teams battled through an enormous double-elimination bracket.

$50K Crimsix CoD Vanguard tournament: Players & Teams

Here are the full teams for Crimsix’s $50k tournament, with a blend of pro players, retired pros, and Warzone stars:

  • Parasite, Royalty, Kismet, TTiny
  • Censor, SiLLy, BrackCN, oJhnny
  • Envoy, Zaptius, Hamza, Jintroid
  • HyDra, Pred, Mack, ScummN
  • Cammy, Rated, SlasheR, Hicksy
  • Insight, Yeez, Owakening, Almxnd
  • TCleanX, Newbz, Vikul, Penta
  • Simp, Blazt, FeLo, Decemate
  • Clayster, Aydan, John, Temp
  • Standy, Vivid, MajorManiak, Mohak
  • Kuavo, Drazah, Neptune, Spart
  • Shotzzy, iLLeY, Huke, Prolute
  • Scump, Methodz, TJHaLy, PaulEhx
  • UnRationaL, Asim, Gunless, Arcitys
  • Crimsix, Priestahh, Attach, Tommey
  • aBeZy, skyz, x2pac_thuglord, ColtHavok

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