NICKMERCS claims Activision is paying him to host CDL Champs watch party

NICKMERCS in FaZe shirt on top of Las Almas Modern Warfare 2 map and logoNICKMERCS/Activision

NICKMERCS joins a long list of other content creators hosting CDL watch parties, but it comes with a twist.

Beginning during CDL Major 2 in January, Activision allowed a select few to co-stream league matches on Twitch. It just so happened that esports legend Seth ‘Scump’ retired around the same time, creating a perfect opportunity.

Scump’s first watch party peaked at around 95,000 viewers. The momentum continued to build, as CDL Major 3 became the most-watched event since the league began in 2020, surpassing 333,000 between the mainstream and other co-streams.

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Watch parties have been a driving force behind increased CDL Viewership, and Activision landed another big fish for its biggest event of the year.

NICKMERCS announces watch party for CDL Champs

After dedicating most of his time to professional Apex Legends, NICKMERCS returned to MW2 and Warzone 2, as he became the first streamer to receive an operator skin in franchise history.

During a WZ2 stream, NICKMERCS revealed that Activision paid him to host a watch party for CDL Champs. Watch parties aren’t new, but this is the first time a content creator has openly claimed that Activison has paid them to host a stream.

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“Call of Duty is paying me to do a CDL watch party of the championship, so we are going to fuc*ing do it.”

As a member of FaZe clan, Nick admitted that he hopes Atlanta FaZe makes a deep run in the tournament and also spoke about rooting against the LA Thieves. NICKMERCS was originally a member of the 100 Thieves until a public dispute with organization owner Nadeshot drove him away.

“I am really hoping that FaZe Clan makes it to the finals. That way, it is extra hot, and I’m also really hoping that the Thieves do not.”

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Las Vegas is hosting the Call of Duty League Championship weekend from June 15-18. All matches will be available to watch on YouTube and Twitch.