Trovo launches NFTs of streamers’ clips for up to $1000

Calum Patterson
Trovo streamer NFTs

Livestreaming platform Trovo is now selling NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of clips from broadcasters’ streams that fans can purchase in exclusive drops.

Clips are one of the main ways livestreamers can grow on a given platform. Small highlight sections from a broadcast, lasting 60 seconds or less, are much more shareable and have the potential to go viral.

Landing a viral clip (as long as it’s for the right reasons) is hitting the jackpot for up-and-coming streamers, instantly getting eyeballs on their content.

Trovo Live is immortalizing these highlight moments, as the platform partnered with Cybertino to “bring to life the first group of streamer-related NFTs.”

Cybertino is an “interactive” NFT marketplace aimed at influencers specifically who want to create, share and sell NFTs with their fans.

NFT trovo live clips

For example, one of the clips on sale comes from Trovo streamer Noah, pulling off a 7-kill spree in CoD Mobile. The asking price for this clip, which features custom audio from DJ Etienne Philippe, a sound effect clip from Noah, and his autograph, is $1000.

There are lower asking price options too, ranging from $30.

It’s not just clips though, as digital artwork is where NFTs really started. There also streamer-related art NFTs, depicting streamers BobbyPlays, Noah, Axrith, parka, and Turulele.

What is an NFT?

NFTs, which are crypto-based assets, have been widely adopted in esports and gaming already, with various esports organizations launching their own.

The easiest way to think of them, in this case, is as digital artworks, that are one of one – that is, they are identified by a unique code and receipt of purchase, meaning when you buy it, you receive a stamp of authenticity of sorts.

The hope for many purchasers is either a) they can own a unique and individual piece of digital history, or b) they can resell it to someone else who is willing to pay more than they did.

It’s still a nascent field, as is cryptocurrency itself, but the promise of future potential can’t be ignored for many NFT ‘collectors’.

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