Livestreaming platform Trovo celebrate one year anniversary

Trovo Colorfest 1st Birthday BashTrovo

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Livestreaming platform Trovo is celebrating its first anniversary, looking back at a successful year and running a week full of fun challenges, rewards and honoring community members that have helped the company grow so much.

Trovo set out to be the very best platform for all streamers, empowering community members with better discoverability and equal opportunities to grow. A year later, the people behind Trovo have reconfirmed their mission and the path they are taking.

The platform set out with three main aims: 

  • To create a friendly and growing platform for streamers based on the value of inclusivity and equal opportunity 
  • To initiate and enable live interactions with people of great minds and diverse backgrounds as a community
  • To continuously and financially support the growth of creator with programs and functions designed to empower their talents and creativity

In their first year, Trovo stayed true to those core principles. Here’s what year one looked like.

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Trovo’s first year:

Setting Trovo apart from its competition

With fun chameleon mascot Leon inspiring creators to stand out rather than go with the flow, streamers and community members can use multiple interactive functions on Trovo, create custom Emotes and Spells, engage on the community Discord server and to really build a proper community around them.

Easier discoverability for creators

In the streaming world, being discovered is one of the hardest parts for creators. With Boost Project, Trovo Play, smart algorithms, monthly Community Nights and more, Trovo aims to make sure everyone has an equal chance to make a career out of their stream. Not to mention the average viewers per channel of 80 — 2.5x that of Twitch.

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In the second half of 2021, Trovo will keep pushing boundaries and release more related functions to promote overall platform discoverability.

Supporting streamer growth and monetization

The Trovo 500 Program, Streamer Growth Program and various community events yet again affirm Trovo’s commitment to letting creators build a career with its overall 30 million funds in supporting content creation. In fact more than 35% of streamers have received payout on Trovo. New content creators with double digit followers are eligible for Trovo’s Partnership Program and receive base incentives. Trovo also connects streamers directly with game publishers for early access and previews, audience giveaways and more.

Serving communities with diverse backgrounds

Diversity and inclusivity are key to Trovo’s aims. A focus on mobile gaming, investment in locally curated content in unexplored regions, and the $250,000 Trovo Titans tournaments ensure the smaller, most dedicated communities have a voice.

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In just eight months, Trovo reached 5 million monthly active users, with over 300,000 registered streamers, almost 7 million hours streamed, an astonishing 560,000,000 total live chats sent, almost 2,000 different games streamed and with almost 20 million USD funds spent in Content Creator Partnership program.

“Trovo is still young but seeing how fast our community has grown in the past year has given us full confidence in our potential,” said Yang Shen, Director of Trovo. “What we want to build is a different and unique live streaming experience where creators feel respected and communities feel appreciated. Last year, we successfully built the community gene into our product. With our strong community, we are certain that Trovo will step by step revolutionize the idea of LIVE and creativity.”

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Trovo’s birthday event: Trovo Colorfest

To celebrate becoming one year old, Trovo is running Trovo Colorfest from May 21-28, a week full of colorful bounty challenges, Confetti gifts, birthday Treasure Boxes and concluded by Trovo’s first Trovie Trophy Awards on May 28.

During the whole Colorfest week, Trovo will be giving away elixirs and gifts through treasure boxes all over live streaming channels totaling the amount of $15,000. The Trovies Trophy Award will give away $10,000 worth of gifts through Treasure Boxes during the show.

Trovie Trophy Awards

The Trovie Trophy Awards will honor members in the community who have contributed to the growth of Trovo in all aspects. For example:

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  • Trovo Guru Award to honor streamers who have truly inspired the community and grown to their full potential 
  • Serious Jibber Jabber Award to honor members who are active in Trovo’s Discord community and have made great suggestions to Trovo 
  • Gems Spotlight for those who aren’t shy to show off their beauty and talents 
  • 10k Followers Award to recognize the streamers for their talents and contribution to the community. Trovo will also honor streamers as they grow on the platform to achieve bigger milestones

Altogether, there will be 17 awards for more than 3000 streamers and community members.

Be sure to tune into the Trovo Colorfest birthday bash and check out how they’re doing things differently. 

Who knows, in a year, you could be celebrating again with your own Trovie Trophy Award.

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