Envy bet on ThriveFantasy as official fantasy platform in long-term deal

Adam Fitch
Envy ThriveFantasy Partnership

North American legacy esports organization Team Envy have found their first official fantasy esports platform in ThriveFantasy.

The strategic partnership is the first exploration for ThriveFantasy into esports and aims to deepen the connection between Envy and their fan base.

When it comes to competitive gaming, the fantasy platform will allow users to bet over/under figures on kills, deaths, assists, headshots, and more. They currently accommodate Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Dota 2, though more titles are poised to be added soon.

The partnership will span for multiple years, though the exact length has not been disclosed, and includes cross-branding opportunities for both parties.

Crimsix Huke Dallas Empire CDL
Envy’s Call of Duty team, Dallas Empire, are the current world champions, reinforcing the org as a major player in esports.

Envy’s teams in CS:GO, Halo, Rocket League, and Valorant — as well as their Call of Duty franchise Dallas Empire and Overwatch franchise Dallas Fuel — will all be part of the promotional efforts from ThriveFantasy.

“We know gaming fans crave interactive experiences that can bring them closer to their favorite players and teams – and that is exactly what ThriveFantasy is powering with their focus on a fantasy esports ecosystem and prop betting,” said Adam Rymer, Envy’s CEO.

The fantasy specialists will also serve as a secondary engagement platform for Envy’s fans, streaming the team’s matches across multiple titles. The organization announced their own membership program, EnvyUS, in November 2020 in an attempt to create a stronger connection with supporters who are willing to pay $29 annually.


An additional element of the long-term alliance will see ThriveFantasy’s Discord bot be integrated into Envy’s own server, educating members on esports proposition bets and providing live statistics from games every 30 seconds.

“Team Envy is the perfect partner for ThriveFantasy,” said Adam Weinstein, ThriveFantasy’s founder. “Not only has Envy proven themselves as winners with several championships across major gaming titles, but they have one of the most loyal and passionate fanbases in North America. We look forward to pushing further into esports and becoming the go-to fantasy platform for the esports community with great team partners like Envy.”