Tyson Fury manager insists he’ll fight Anthony Joshua regardless of Oleksandr Usyk result

Matt Hobkinson
Anthony Joshua (L) and Tyson Fury (R)

Tyson Fury will fight Anthony Joshua regardless of whether he beats Oleksandr Usyk, a lineup that will please millions of boxing fans around the world.

This is the view of Fury’s manager, Spencer Brown, who is adamant that Turki Alalshikh – the man who controls the biggest purse strings in boxing – will want Fury to fight AJ no matter the outcome on Saturday, May 18.

“It doesn’t matter whether Tyson wins, loses or draws, it doesn’t matter – Turki Alalshikh still wants him to fight Anthony Joshua,” he told OLBG. “Simple as that – whether he wins, whether he loses, or whether he draws, the fight he wants is that fight [against AJ], so he will go after that fight.”

“I’m sure we will see Tyson Fury versus Anthony Joshua. When Tyson beats Usyk that fight is enormous, it’s bigger than big, isn’t it?

“The Saudis have mentioned it to me – and mentioned it to all of us – the first one would be in Riyadh and if there was a taste for a second one, they would put it on at Wembley. Imagine that.”

“I don’t think Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, in my opinion, will happen next because we have a rematch clause with Usyk. But it’s all down to Turki’s wallet.

“We’ve got a few scenarios here, is Usyk vs Joshua a fight we want to see again? Or do we all want to see Fury vs Joshua?  When Usyk loses, does he say ‘I’ll take the step aside and then fight the winner’? Personally, probably yes.”

The winner of Fury vs Usyk will become the first undisputed world heavyweight champion of the world since Lennox Lewis achieved the feat in 1999.

With all four belts on the line, as well as both fighter’s flawless records, the contest is set to be the biggest fight of the year.

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