Symfuhny & BrookeAB lose it during botched Battlefield 2042 sponsored stream

battlefield 2042 symfuhny brookabDICE EA / BrookeAB Twitch / Symfuhny Instragram

Twitch streamers BrookeAB and Symfuhny couldn’t help but notice how broken Battlefield 2042 was during a live sponsored Crown Arcade stream featuring DICE EA’s FPS.

Along with Krystalogy, the trio of streamers were having a friendly competition in the $1000 Crown Arcade event to see who could net the most kills. The two-hour affair went mostly without a hitch until it neared its end.

As the last game was about to wrap, the squad spawned on each other just to find they were stuck under some stairs with seemingly no way to free themselves.

The trio and Crown Arcade host were pros for not breaking during the show, but it was apparent they all noticed the grim state of the sponsored game.

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BF 2042 breaks live on stream

Every streamer was aware of what was happening. As soon as BrookeAB respawned, she had to cut herself off before pointing out the glitched gameplay.

For at least a minute, all four were broadcasting the bug while skirting the fact that BF 2042 was broken before their eyes. Symfuhny was stuck in that spot for about half a minute and was stealing glances away from the camera to hide his smile.

BrookeAB stayed silent throughout the ordeal and Krystalogy was doing her best to keep the show’s dialogue going as their gameplay fizzled live on stream.

Unfortunately, even Twitch chat wasn’t blind to what was happening on stream. “Why weren’t his textures loading,” one person asked, while another called the game “Battlefield 2077” in reference to the botched launch of Cyberpunk 2077.

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battlefield 2042 DICE EA
DICE are working to fix the gameplay issues in Battlefield 2042.

The moment served as a reminder of the state BF 2042 finds itself in mere months after it was released.

The Battlefield 2042 player count has hit critical levels in population as angry buyers demand refunds in light of its shaky build.

This has brought up conversations on whether DICE can save BF 2042 at this point as they contend with the title’s growing problems.