Angry Battlefield 2042 players are spamming Steam for refunds

An image of Battlefield 2042 steam refunds.Steam, EA DICE

Battlefield 2042 is reaching an all-time low with its already angered community. Now, players are continuously spamming Steam in hopes of having their refund requests heard. 

Battlefield 2042 launched in November 2021 and has quickly fallen off the radar for FPS fans despite plenty of excitement and high expectations.  Rumors of the game transitioning into a free-to-play model are also in the air amid drastic player count drops.

However, making the game more accessible isn’t going to cut it for players who paid in full, as they continue to pursue Steam for a refund.

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Battlefield 2042 soldiers checking a dropDICE
Battlefield 2042 players will need something special from EA DICE to keep the game afloat.

Battlefield 2042 players refuse to “give up” on refunds

Redditors are banding together as they request a full refund from Steam. Redditor Boy_Possession lambasted the game itself for its false promises: “I feel like we shouldn’t have to attempt multiple times. This game was not what we were advertised, shouldn’t have been sold.”

Players are requesting refunds outside of Steam’s usual policy, as they’ve been seen to bend the rules on numerous occasions for Battlefield 2042. “6 hours of playing time and still no refund, asked 3 times on steam,” said Redditor Long_Story_Short.

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Other players have questioned the choices of others, with one player saying “Why did you buy it in the first place, instead of waiting for reviews?”

“My dumbass thought I could trust DICE and EA,” Boy_Possession said in his response.

An image of a steam refund reply for battlefield 2042.Steam, Reddit: Boy_Possession
Redditor Boy_Possession was denied a refund but is still pursuing it.

Another player, Bufferzz, vented their frustration with EA’s complicated refund procedure outside of Steam: “EAs refund motto is: …we call it the Great Game Guarantee: if you don’t think it’s great, return it. But then you’ll have to read the fine print.”

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“You should do what I did and contact them directly and they offered me a steam wallet refund and o felt that was acceptable. I had 7 hours and multiple weeks of purchases,” said another player who’d had more success getting their money back.

Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 is rumored to finally drop in March, but by then, it won’t matter to these players.

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