Battlefield 2042 player count reaches critical level as players flock to indie demake

battlefield 20423 screenshot with logoEA

Move over Battlefield 2042, another player has entered the game. EA and DICE’s big-budget, AAA shooter is currently being usurped by a low-budget, low-poly clone.

It appears that Battlefield 2042 is being ridiculed by all corners now as following the success of Clownfield 2042, we now have Battle Bit Remastered. Make no mistake, this is a deliberate parody of Battlefield, but its style is clearly a hit with players.

The game is even rougher around the edges than it appears as it’s in Early Access on Steam, but that hasn’t deterred gamers from seeking an alternative to the disappointing early months of Battlefield 2042.

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battle bit remastered gameplayEA
Yes, this is getting more players than Battlefield 2042.

A battle of bits

Battle Bit Remastered isn’t just a cheap knock-off with no appeal, there is clearly love and effort that has gone into making this game.

You’d have to say that it’s in a win-win situation at present because any glitches that are discovered can be forgiven with the gaming being in Early Access. Also, its intentional downgrading of graphics and the use of minimal polygons are all part of the game’s aesthetic.

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Battle Bit features a “near-fully destructible map,” tons of vehicles, weapons, classes, and it supports lobbies of up to 240 players! It turns out that Battle Bit could actually be a viable alternative to Battlefield 2042 with Tom Henderson revealing some truly startling statistics about the game.

In the screenshot above, Henderson showed how more people were choosing to play Battle Bit Remastered over Battlefield 2042. This is probably not music to EA’s ears, but it will be to Battle Bit’s developers MrOkiDoki, BATTLEKOT, and TheLiquidHorse.

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Between in-game voice chat, the ability to blow holes in everything, reviving, teamwork, and a whole host of other stuff, Battle Bit Remastered could be more than just a flash in the pan. Battlefield 2042’s player count numbers continue to dwindle and even cheat companies are pulling hacks for it.

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