Shroud explodes over Battlefield 2042 gun bloom: "It makes it a sh*t game!" - Dexerto

Shroud explodes over Battlefield 2042 gun bloom: “It makes it a sh*t game!”

Published: 26/Nov/2021 6:29 Updated: 26/Nov/2021 7:12

by Isaac McIntyre


Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has taken aim at Battlefield 2042’s gun bloom mechanic, exploding in the middle of a match and declaring DICE’s decision to include the controversial feature in their sequel release has “actually just made it a sh*t game.”

Shroud is usually quite calm when gaming ⁠— unlike many of his streaming co-stars ⁠— but Battlefield 2042 may have finally cracked Twitch’s human aimbot.

The 27-year-old was grinding DICE’s flagship sequel when something stood out to him: his shots were barely hitting. It’s not something Shroud is used to at the best of times, considering his famous in-game marksman history, but this was particularly bad, according to the star.


This time, it was all down to one thing ⁠— “bloom.”

The Battlefield mechanic is designed to level the playing field via unpredictable shots, but according to a very angry Shroud, it just makes the game “sh*t.”

Twitch: Shroud
The usually level-headed Shroud cracked over Battlefield 2042’s bloom mechanic.

Twitch’s human aimbot flew off the handle at the controversial Battlefield 2042 mechanic midway through a heated battle on Orbital, after he copped several avoidable deaths.

“Hello?” Shroud yelled. “Dude… the gun bloom! Why is there so much? I’m shooting right at him and there’s just nothing happening, the bullets keep missing.”

The star continued shooting, his cursor directly on his opponent’s head ⁠— you’d expect nothing less from Twitch’s aimbot ⁠— but the bullets kept pinging wide. He hit boiling point: “Dude, where are my bullets going? F**k! I f**king hate it, man, I hate it so much. Sh*t f**king game, it makes it a sh*t game!”


“It’s not even recoil,” the heated streamer continued, “it’s literally just that the bullet doesn’t actually go where I tell it to go. Oh, bro, it feels terrible.”

Battlefield 2042 has been under fire from all angles for its gameplay in recent weeks.

Shroud soon landed a few kills, battling his way through Cryogenic Plant, but he was far from done with his lengthy Battlefield 2042 tirade. He’s made it clear in the past he’s not a fan of the “bloom” mechanic, and he let DICE know again.

“Like, are you kidding me with this sh*t? Really? I actually think I have to not aim on the target at all to hit something in this game. I have to put the crosshair above them, or to the left, and just hope the spray goes wide. If I put the crosshair right onto them it just doesn’t do anything.


“You can’t even predict bloom either, cause if the gun does randomly go straight you have to be aiming there. Aiming to the side, there’s just no point doing that really. None of it makes sense.”

“I love it!” he added sarcastically. “It’s just my favorite, really.”

Related segment begins at 0:42 in the video below.

Shroud admitted he gets why it’s in the game, and understands the bloom mechanic can bridge the gap between skillful shooters and casual players. However, that “doesn’t mean I have to like it either,” he added.

“It makes sense, it just doesn’t feel very good. It rewards worse players, which I think is weird. I just don’t agree with it. It doesn’t feel like good gameplay design to just decide to make better players worse.”


“Only really bad games stop you from shooting straight,” he concluded. “I mean, hopefully, DICE will fix it soon, but that feels like copium, honestly.”