DICE announces new challenges in Battlefield V’s ’Armor on the Horizon’ Chapter Event

New challenges are set to be released in ‘Armor on the Horizon’ on Thursday, February 28. This is Battlefield V’s latest chapter event and includes 10 new challenges in week 2.

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Along with a new Battlefield V update due this week, DICE seem to be rolling out new content very frequently. The challenges in this new chapter will give players the chance to unlock new gear and rise in Chapter Rank.

These new challenges come on the back of Battlefield V’s latest Grand Operation that started on February 21. You’ll be able to earn rewards from every one of the 10 new challenges and we will detail what they are below.

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There are 10 new challenges in Battlefield V’s ‘Armor on the Horizon’.

Two of these rewards include the Archer tank destroyer and the Mk III bolt-action rifle to the interest of many. These are weekly challenges and they run from February 28 to March 7. Each completed task also earns you Chapter XP, which in turn gives you more rewards.

‘Tides of War’ was the last chapter event and if you want to complete the week 1 challenges, you’ll need to do so now. You can see all 10 upcoming challenges and their requirements below:

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Challenges in ‘Armor on the Horizon’ Chapter Event

  • The Objective: Capture, arm, or disarm an objective.
  • Shoot for the Stars: Deal 400 damage to airplanes.
  • Mudwrestler: Kill three enemies with melee weapons or bayonets.
  • Eyes on the Prize: Score 3,500 objective points.
  • Toybox: Resupply teammates’ ammunition using Ammo Crates or use Ammo Crates 15 times.
  • Long Road Ahead: Score 2,000 points in Grand Operations.
  • One Man Army: Suppress or kill seven enemies in one life.
  • Grand Ambitions: Win two days in Grand Operations.
  • Second Wind: Capture, arm, or disarm two objectives in one life.
  • Primary Priority: Capture, arm, or disarm six objectives.

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