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Battlefield V developer hints at Dinosaur mode coming soon

Published: 19/May/2019 13:00

by Connor Bennett


Fans of Battlefield V, who are on the hunt for the possible inclusion of dinosaurs, might just finally be getting their wish as speculation continues to mount up.

The Battlefield franchise has had a long-standing history with Dinosaurs in-game. While players haven’t had the chance to live out their dreams and fight on the back of a T-Rex, multiple easter eggs have been hidden in games from DICE.

It all stemmed from an online meme about the lack of Dinosaur action in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s campaign mode – prompting jokes from the Battlefield side. Battlefield 3 made the first reference when the reveal for the gameplay started with a green T-Rex on-screen, and since then, has gone from strength-to-strength, with players even locking eyes with a Pterodactyl later in the game.

DICEEaster eggs like the Megalodon have been appearing in Battlefield for a few years.

However, Battlefield V, the newest release in the series, has had a distinct lack of Dinosaur sightings – with only dog tags and small easter eggs noting possible dinosaurs. Players have discovered a number of other easter eggs in-game but have been left wondering where the usual massive pre-historic creature reference is.

The only sighting of a possible dinosaur came in the form of a promotional tweet for the game’s newest Shark easter egg on the Twisted Steel map. Developer Erik Astrand, who came up with the idea, dropped a tiny Pterodactyl into the photo – sending fans wild about a possible mode.

The evidence has been mounting about a possible addition of dinosaurs, in one form of another, as players continued to note references to Jurassic Park being made by developers both in-game and on Twitter.

DICE recently added the Fortress multiplayer mode, which has red flares dotted around the map – with the flares being a key component of the iconic movie franchise. The developers have also played up to the theory, responding to fan questions with gifs of the flares being used in the movies.

However, it’s not the only hint that has made towards Dinosaurs appearing in BF V. Prior to the release of the newest easter egg, Astrand ran a poll asking fans – for his own, personal curiosity – which creatures they would like to see “hunt” players down in-game in a special mode. 

The winner, of course, ended up being the dinosaur option – sparking increased speculation about their inclusion and, again, a possible multiplayer mode.

It remains to be seen if DICE will follow through on their hints or if they’re, again, playing up to the speculation that has been built by fans across social media.

Yet, considering their history with having dinosaur references littered throughout their games, mainly through easter eggs, it might not be too long before players hear some sort of primeval roar in-game.


How to play Battlefield V’s final free multiplayer weekend

Published: 1/Nov/2019 15:47 Updated: 1/Nov/2019 15:58

by Connor Bennett


EA are handing over the multiplayer of Battlefield V to the fans with a final free weekend of play. So, if you haven’t dived into the game’s online portion just yet, here’s what you need to know.

Battlefield V dropped back on November 20, 2018, marking the 11th installment in the popular first-person shooter franchise. With the new release, EA Dice took things up a notch with multiplayer compared to previous titles, adding a battle royale mode as well as expanding on the mega Grand Operations.

With it’s one year anniversary coming around, as well as the release of the game’s fifth chapter, EA launched their annual Battlefest celebrations with a raft of content for players. Included in that has been free trial weekends – letting everyone jump into different aspects of the game.

EA games/FlakfireBattlefield V’s Firestorm was the game’s attempt at the battle royale genre.

When is Battlefield V’s free trial weekend?

Starting on Friday, November 1 and running through November 4, players will have the chance to experience all of the game’s multiplayer maps and modes in order to celebrate the release of the Pacific Theatre.

This means that players can try out the traditional Battlefield mode of Conquest, as well as the usual FPS game types of Team Deathmatch and Domination. Anyone who ever enjoyed ‘Rush’ can try their hand at Breakthrough which works in a similar way.

DICE / EAThe epic Battlefield V is the 11th game in the popular franchise.

Where to download Battlefield V for the free trial weekend

The free trial weekends run on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and EA Origin for the PC. So, all you have to do is fine Battlefield V in your respective marketplace and hit download on the free trial.

Once you’ve waited for the long download and dropped into a game, you will be able to keep any progress you make should you choose to purchase the full game after that point. 

So, what are you waiting for? Time is ticking down on your last chance to experience Battlefield’s epic multiplayer for free.

It’ll take some time to download, of course, but it’s better to act fast than wait until the last minute – especially when you can get in plenty more matches, too.