DICE reveals major update for Battlefield V Firestorm looting

Dice have revealed that a major change to looting is set to hit Fortnite Battle Royale, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, or even Apex Legends, a core player base remains loyal to Criterion’s multiplayer addition.

Naturally, those loyal players want to see the game thrive and have offered plenty of feedback on how they want to see the game evolve – stating what changes they believe are needed. Many, of course, have centered around bugs and glitches that can have a major impact on sessions of Firestorm.

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One, in particular, has proved frustrating for players as those who leave a game of Firestorm with an early exit, don’t drop their loot box.

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EA DiceFirestorm hasn’t yet lit the battle royale world alight – but it certainly has potential.

Users of the Battlefield V subreddit had been pleading with the developers to punish players who leave games of Firestorm early, specifically when they have been downed and are about to be eliminated. Leaving when downed means that loot disappears – infuriating players. Nevertheless, we now know that a fix is on its way.

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A DICE employee, posting under the username lytlb1t, responded to the calls by posting: “I fixed loot not dropping already, it didn’t make it in time for the upcoming patch, but it’s likely going to be in the one after that.”

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While the fix didn’t make in time for the upcoming May update, it shouldn’t’ be too long before players see the change implemented, judging by these comments. 

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After the May patch, the next scheduled major update relates to the game’s content roadmap and is expected some time in June. The highlights of the future patch revolve around a new map based on the Greek island of Crete – known as ‘Mercury,’ as well a new 5v5 close-quarters mode.

It remains to be seen just when players will get to see these changes in the game, but at least DICE has recognized and rectified the issue internally, following the complaints. Now, it’s just a matter of time. 

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