Battlefield 2042 leak reveals first look at weapons, recoil and reloading

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A new Battlefield 2042 leak on Twitter claims to show some of the brand-new weapon animations coming to the game. On top of that it also gives us our first look at the recoil of various guns and what could be a taste of the game’s recoil camera shake.

Battlefield 2042 is shaping up to be one of the most-hyped games of 2021, but one thing we still aren’t sure of is how the gunplay will feel. However, new leaks from @CODBF2042Leaks on Twitter might give us our first taste of how the game’s weapons will handle.

As with all leaks it’s important to note we can’t tell if this is actually a legit look at Battlefield 2042 or not. It does look pretty good, but it’s probably wise to take these clips with a grain of salt, as we can’t confirm anything in them for sure just yet.

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The first video was posted on August 30, and shows a variety of guns being fired from the hip, looking down the sights, and reloading. Notably, it seems players will be able to reload while looking down the sights as well.

In the Aug. 30 clip we see some submachine guns, an LMG, and even a pump-action shotgun all being tested out. The weapons all have the appropriate recoil you’d expect, but it’s the camera shake that some players don’t seem too keen on.

Recoil is something every player has to expect when playing a first person shooter, but camera shake can vary wildly from game to game. Just looking at these clips, it does seem like Battlefield 2042 will have more shake than say CoD, but we’ll have to actually play to find out for ourselves.

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On August 31 another video was posted that was a continuation of the first, testing even more weapons. Interestingly at the end of this second clip they test out the Grapple Gun, something that’s been heavily teased in trailers so far.

Like we mentioned, if you aren’t crazy about this gunplay leak for Battlefield 2042, keep in mind we have no way of verifying if this is legit or not. Things could very well look and play differently by the time the game comes out in October, so we’ll just have to wait and see.