One unlikely Baldur’s Gate 3 race has far more reactions than others

Michelle Cornelia
bg3 Githyanki Creche

While there are different races to play in Baldur’s Gate 3, this particular one has more unique dialogue options and the highest world reactivity compared to others.

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a variety of races you can choose from at the beginning of your playthrough. Aside from getting slightly different passives, oftentimes in your playthrough, you’ll also stumble upon unique dialogue options depending on your race. 

One example is how, as a Dragonborn, you can call out Rolan not to abandon his people in Act 1. While these unique dialogues help make the roleplaying aspect even more fun, it turns out that one particular race has more compared to others. 

As revealed in a Reddit thread, the Githyanki race has the highest world reactivity and dialogue options, followed by Loth-sworn Drow and then Dwarf Duergar. On the other hand, Half-Elf and humans have the least options based on the chart.

In the comments, the OP explained that they used scripts pulled from Patch 6, released in February, for the data.

Seeing this, one user explained that this makes sense, given that Mindflayers — the main enemies in the game — are the sworn enemies of Githyankis. And with “a good bunch of the game” being linked to Underdark, where Drows and Duergars are from, it’s expected to see them so high up.

Some players also agreed that Githyanki being the number one spot makes sense solely because they are aliens to Faerun.

“My first playthrough was with a Githyanki because of the long-jump spell and misty step. Since then, I’ve almost always used Githyanki (forced myself to be an elf this time, lmao) since the dialogue options are great, especially if you plan on progressing the story with Baezel (Lae’zel),” mentioned another.

Unfortunately, as some have pointed out, the only problem with these kinds of unique interactions is that they’re mostly present in Act 1. 

Though with Patch 7 coming later in September of this year, we can only hope more things get added other than the mod support for both PC and console.

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