Baldur’s Gate 3 players have an important question about dragonborn biology

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White Dragonborn Sorcerer in Baldur's Gate 3

One race-specific dialogue option in Baldur’s Gate 3 has players questioning some basic aspects of dragonborn biology.

Baldur’s Gate 3 incorporates some of the player’s character creation and build choices into the dialogue options.

Depending on which race, class, and subclass you pick, you’ll find opportunities to respond to others in ways other kinds of characters cannot. For example, a githyanki player character will have different dialogue options at the Creche than, say, a human or halfling.

These options sometimes have major impacts on how a situation unfolds, but one dragonborn-specific option is raising eyebrows for a very different reason.

Baldur’s Gate 3 players want to know if dragonborn poop

Reddit user K_Hoslow shared a screenshot of a peculiar dialogue option they found while playing as a dragonborn Dark Urge.

In response to a goblin saying something about “playin’ hide an’ seek when yer tryin’ to take a dump,” dragonborn players can say “Heh. It’s a good thing my kind do not need to defecate.”

This line has some players questioning everything they thought they knew about dragonborn anatomy. Several commenters suggested Dragonborn could have cloacas, which would fit with their lizardlike appearances.

Based on Dungeons & Dragons lore, it seems dragonborn are actually mammals – albeit ones that have scales and lay eggs – meaning their anatomy would be more humanlike. This would fit with Baldur’s Gate 3’s character creator, which gives dragonborn the same genitalia options as the rest of the races.

Most likely, the line is meant as a joke. Commenters have noted that elves and githyanki can also make the same claim, implying it’s just the character making something up to trick an unsuspecting goblin.

That does beg the question, though, of why it’s merely a simple dialogue choice when, as the original poster notes, the developers “should’ve make that a deception check.”

While there are some dragonborn anatomy questions we’ll probably never get answers to – such as how they reproduce – for those who were wondering, it seems that, yes, dragonborn do in fact defecate like any other humanoid.

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