Baldur’s Gate 3 trick lets players save almost every NPC in Last Light Inn

Brianna Reeves
bg3 last light inn

One BG3 player managed to save nearly every NPC from Act 2’s notorious Last Light Inn quest with a useful trick other players can learn from.

The second act of Baldur’s Gate 3 leads players to the Last Light Inn, a safe haven from the curse plaguing the Shadow-Cursed Lands. There they’ll meet old allies, the druid Jaheira, and a cleric of Selûne named Isobel who helps protect the Inn.

Once players speak with Isobel, chaos ensues as a winged Fist Marcus swoops in making demands of the cleric. Defending Isobel causes a fight to break out, which can end in disaster for nearby NPCs.

Since BG3’s launch, players have reported accidentally getting everyone killed in the Last Light Inn – a tragedy that’s known to ruin quite a few questlines.

However, Redditor theshouldershrugger revealed how they evacuated NPCs from Last Light to ensure nearly everyone could walk away unscathed.

The user did so by carrying people out one by one with their “gnomish Durge using an improvised weapon, [then] fast traveled to the Gauntlet of Shar, and gently set them down.”

bg3 last light inn
Isboel at Last Light Inn in BG3

Isobel counted among the few casualties, but the Redditor said they were able to recruit Jaheira. Because Bex and Danis “inexplicably wandered back into Last Light during the ensuing fight,” these two lost their lives to shadow-cursed enemies. Everyone else survived the attack, though.

Naturally, other BG3 players are already itching to give this trick a try. One such person replied, “Larian, please do not patch this out I beg of you. Fr great exploit OP; might need to do this for my half evil half redemption Durge.”

Another player chimed in with, “Oh man this amazing. Maybe I could do half evil run [with] this…”

Others were also quick to applaud the original poster on their inventiveness. “Kidnapping people might be my favorite unintended mechanic in the game lol,” wrote another Redditor.

As players keep demonstrating, Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to prove that it’s full of surprises.

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