Baldur’s Gate 3 players discover hilariously evil way to torment poor Withers

Daniel Appleford
Baldur's Gate 3 New Epilogue Patch 5

Baldur’s Gate 3 players have discovered a way to torment Withers using a nifty trick that lets the player chase him around camp, leaving him an theoretically infinite chain of being terrified of holy light. 

The winner of Game of the Year has seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to interacting with NPCs. From throwing them off cliffs to making them fall in love, players can do almost anything in Baldur’s Gate 3.

That also means getting to terrorize the boney man in your camp who has little to say and just simply won’t leave. One player on Reddit discovered the use of the Cleric spell Spirit Guardians would cause Withers to move out of the way.

Spirit Guardians is a spell that casts a yellow circle with Spirits around the character that casts it. The ring doesn’t damage friendly NPCs. However, it’ll scare the living daylights out of poor Withers.

He’ll move out of the circle if you have it set to Radiant damage, allowing the player to chase his old, rickety bones around the camp as long as they want.

Shadowheart surrounded by golden light after using Spirit Guardians
Spirit Guardian spell circle

“Seems our favorite bone man doesn’t appreciate being within a radius of Spirit Guardians. Set the damage to radiant, and he’ll run out of the way of the spell when you get too close. Simply follow close behind to watch the cute little bone man run. Who needs chicken chasing?” said the original Reddit poster

A majority of the comments beneath the other post were pleased to hear that they would be able to bother Withers to their heart’s content, with some even sharing other ways that they had tortured him, like throwing him down the river. 

Others urged players to “leave him alone” and that torturing the poor man was “Dark Urge” behavior. The discovery of Spirit Guardian’s power opened up the conversation of what all can be done with Withers while he is in the player’s camp.

“Also, if you trigger a Wild Magic Surge near him that transforms all in range into animals, he takes the shape of a black dog with saddlebags and a scroll around his neck. The attention to detail Larian has is uncanny and awesome,” said one commenter. 

The next time you want to give Withers some attention, try out casting Spirit Guardian and watch him run laps around camp. If you’re an evil person.

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