Assassin’s Creed Mirage to include ‘History of Baghdad’ Codex feature

Philip Trahan
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Ubisoft has unveiled the new ‘History of Baghdad’ Codex feature that gives players an interactive way to learn about the real-world history and culture of the game’s setting.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage continues the trend of taking its setting to new and interesting places around the world — this time taking fans to 9th-century Baghdad.

Like the Holy Land, Italy, Egypt, and Britain before it, Baghdad had its own unique culture and history in the 9th century which culminated in the civilization we know today.

Now, Ubisoft has revealed the ‘History of Baghdad’ feature, which works as a Codex that players can unlock as the story progresses to learn more about the historical context, art, and culture of the game’s setting.

Ubisoft details Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s new Codex feature

Ubisoft broke down the ‘History of Baghdad’ feature in a blog post on the publisher’s official website. Here, the team broke down what the feature will look like and how they took steps to keep the Codex as historically accurate as possible.

According to the news post, “As Basim visits 66 historical sites throughout Baghdad, players will unlock research-driven articles that dig into information across five topics: Economy; Belief & Daily Life; Government; Art & Science; and Court Life.”

In keeping with the theme of taking Mirage back to the series’ roots, Ubisoft said the feature will be integrated into the main game, but is also tied to player progression. As such, this special Codex will feature a reward for players who fully complete it.

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Additionally, Ubisoft is working with Dr. Raphaël Weyland, a historian who’s part of the Ubisoft Montreal team. In regards to the purpose behind the feature, Dr. Weyland said, “From the start we had an ambitious premise: to help the players better understand the world of ninth-century Baghdad, a world that is seldom represented in popular culture.”

Dr. Weyland confirmed that the team did not shy away from some of the more sensitive topics surrounding Baghdad’s 9th-century culture. “I am proud that we did not shy away from any subject, discussing sensitive and misrepresented topics such as the harem, the role of eunuchs, and slavery in a nuanced way.”

However, the historian also assured fans there would be bits of humor and levity sprinkled throughout the Codex where appropriate, as “history can also be funny and lighthearted!”

Assassin’s Creed Mirage fans looking to immerse themselves in the game’s culture should look forward to the ‘History of Baghdad’ feature alongside the game’s release on October 12, 2023.