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Wraith’s ‘Naruto’ sprint is still in Apex Legends, with a catch

Published: 10/Oct/2020 13:47

by Calum Patterson


Wraith mains everywhere were in despair when Respawn revealed the new sprint animation for the Legend, removing the iconic ‘Naruto run’ as it became known. But, it’s actually still possible to get her old animation back in Apex Legends, with the right equipment.

The devs reasoning for changing Wraith’s sprint animation was simple: it allowed them to balance the character without actually changing any of her abilities. A full explanation is given in the Aftermarket patch notes.

Instead, Wraith simply becomes an easier target to hit when sprinting, as her hit-box area becomes more exposed, as opposed to the slouched over version previously.

The downside, is that it undoubtedly loses some of the ‘character’ which Apex Legends is known for with each of it’s playable Legends. In the name of balance, an individual trait has been lost.

Apex Legends Naruto run
Respawn Entertainment
You can get the old version back, sort of, by holding a grenade.

Not completely, however. It’s been discovered that Respawn may have forgotten to apply the new animation in all scenarios for Wraith, meaning that you can actually ‘glitch’ her back into her old running stance.

And, it’s incredibly simple to do. All you need is any throwable ordinance (a frag, arc star, thermite, etc.) and then sprint.

As shown below, thanks to u/ChuxMech, Wraith once again will lean over, making her hitbox as small as possible. Of course, it’s not the complete Naruto run, as one of her arms is held forward with the nade.

Aside from just bringing back her iconic run, this may actually give you a slight advantage when making your escape. After all, Respawn themselves clearly found the difference significant enough to warrant a change in the first place.

The bad news, is that the devs are likely already aware of this workaround to get Naruto Wraith back, and their next update is expected to drop this coming week, to fix this and a number of other issues since the Aftermarket Collection event update.

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Mirage is getting some “scary” buffs in Apex Legends Season 7 update

Published: 22/Oct/2020 7:24 Updated: 22/Oct/2020 9:13

by Isaac McIntyre


Mirage will be getting even more Apex Legends buffs when the Season 7 update finally rolls around, Respawn has confirmed, after the Holographic Trickster’s rework in Season 5 didn’t work as well as the devs were hoping.

The Holographic Trickster has had a rough ride of it since debuting in Apex Legends all the way back in the battle royale’s surprise launch.

The main issue Mirage has faced is his “gotcha!” tactics only work on those who are not prepared. Once Apex Legends players became used to the trickster’s fake holograms he took a steep dip in overall win rate. His play rates soon followed too.

Respawn tried to help, shipping a rework in Season 5, but he still floundered.

The issue has gotten so bad for Mirage that the developers are taking another look at the way his ultimate works, just two seasons after patch 5.0 shipped live. Luckily, they think they have a way of pumping some power into his ability kit.

Mirage decoy Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s decoys have fallen off in impact since Apex Legends’ launch last year.

Apex Legends developer Daniel Klein was questioned on Mirage buffs ⁠— which Respawn has been teasing for a long while now ⁠— and confirmed they were indeed “on their way” in patch 7.0.0.

The Respawn developer said he didn’t want to “spoil stuff,” including the Mirage changes, but did touch on some of the testing they’d done for the Apex Legends trickster. These included new buffs for his ultimate, ‘Life of the Party.’

One fan suggested Mirage’s ult could “fire blanks,” but Klein shot down that idea straight away. “Decoys firing blanks is a nuclear option,” the Respawn designer said.

“I have no doubt it would be effective, and powerful. The amount of damage it would do to combat readability and just sheer confusion, scares me. I’m trying something different for 7.0 ⁠— [still scary], but not as bad as decoys firing blanks.”

Mirage will be getting more "fun" Apex Legends stories in Season 6.
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn is hoping the new Mirage ultimate buff will shoot him into the Season 7 meta.

These Mirage changes won’t be included in this week’s Halloween update, unfortunately. Instead, they will be added to the battle royale when patch 7.0 ships live in November.

Good news though ⁠— the Season 7 update is actually coming a week sooner than Apex Legends fans were expecting. Respawn appears to have moved the release forward a week, up to November 4, and cut the Season 6 Battle Pass short.

That means it’s only a 14 day wait, from time of publication of course, until Mirage mains will get their hands on the “scary” new buffs for Apex Legends’ trickster.