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Apex Legends

Shroud says Apex Legends is still the best BR despite one major issue

Published: 9/Oct/2020 12:32

by Jacob Hale


Twitch streamer and FPS extraordinaire Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has mastered any shooter that comes his way, but believes Apex Legends is still the best battle royale, despite having one key issue with it.

Throughout the game’s existence, shroud has frequently had an on/off relationship with it, at times clearly in love with it before falling back on other games to keep things fresh.

This is somewhat dissimilar to a lot of the top streamers, who will stick to one game almost permanently until something new comes out, as we’ve seen with the likes of Fortnite and Warzone.

As more of a variety streamer, shroud likes to share the love, but has now returned to the Apex grind once again.

Caustic Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Aftermarket brought a number of changes to Apex Legends including a new LTM, Caustic heirloom, Legend balancing, and more.

During an October 8 Twitch stream, shroud was asked if he’s enjoying grinding Respawn’s battle royale once again — and he clearly was.

“Apex is, by far, still the best BR,” he said, clearly not even entertaining the idea that there’s any better on the market. That’s not to say he thinks it’s perfect though, and did mention what his main gripe with the game was.

“I don’t want to ruin their work or anything, but people expect updates faster, and they don’t deliver it that quickly. But Apex is still the best BR, regardless of their speed of content.”

Shroud also goes on to mention that he’s really enjoying the new Flashpoint LTM, which sees healing items removed in favor of healing “zones,” where you can go to regen both health and shields.

Clearly, shroud is loving life on Apex once again since the start of the Aftermarket event, and if updates came a little quicker we could maybe see the former CS pro make it his main game on a more permanent basis.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends UFO finally comes to Kings Canyon in Season 7 teaser

Published: 23/Oct/2020 16:26

by Connor Bennett


The newest teaser for Apex Legends Season 7 has gone live, with the previously leaked ‘UFO’ finally showing up on Kings Canyon. 

With Apex Legends gearing up for its seventh season, players have been eager for the devs – Respawn Entertainment – to start revealing some key details about what’s being lined up. However, Respawn has remained pretty silent on it, only hinting at what legends are being buffed.

In the meantime, leakers and players have been digging into files and picking out details from previous dev streams to try and find answers – with one of the biggest questions surrounding the mysterious UFO that has been spotted previously. 

The huge, metallic UFO was seen floating off the Broken Coast in a dev stream, before leakers were able to find it hanging high above Skyhook only a few weeks later. Now, though, it’s finally in-game. 

Apex Legends UFO teaser

The new teaser went live at 11 am EST/4 pm BST on October 23, with the previously leaked UFO showing up and lingering off the coast of Kings Canyon behind Airbase. 

Sadly, while some players assumed that it might be interactable and have some clues on board, you can’t actually reach the UFO at the time of writing.

Instead, as already noted, it’s just sat off the coast of Kings Canyon and floating in the sky – looming large and looking like it could be gearing up to get closer and closer over the next few days. 

However, it’s not all bad news. As reliable leaker Shrugtal pointed out, the new look UFO actually has actually been seen before.

The balloons actually appeared in the Loba teasers showing off, you guessed it, what appears to be Olympus.

UFO Balloon from Apex Legends legacy of a thief art
The Balloons were previously spotted in a Loba teaser.

Of course, in the past, many of these teasers have held key clues regarding new seasons and new legends, but we’ll just have to wait and see if we can get up close and personal with it.

If there are further teasers ahead of Season 7, you’ll be able to find the latest news and updates here on Dexerto as we’ll keep this article updated.