Where to get Apex Legends Nessie Plush toy

Respawn Entertainment, Entertainment Earth

Apex Legends’ Nessie easter egg has become a staple part of the game’s universe, with their roots in Titanfall, and Respawn have brought the Nessies into our world in the form of a plush toy, which you can buy and own.

When you think of Apex Legends, you think of the intense Battle Royale skirmishes, the awesome Legends and the vast array of collectible cosmetics. What you don’t think of, is the Loch Ness Monster.

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A particular favorite of Wattson, tiny Nessie easter eggs can be found scattered among the bullet cases and fallen Legends in the game’s multiple arenas, and in the Firing Range. The tradition actually started back in Titanfall, after a teaser image looked like the Loch Ness Monster, and fan theories ran wild.

The tiny plush animals have become quite the hit, so much so that Respawn have created a real-life version. So here’s where to get the Apex Legends Nessie plush.

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Where to buy Nessie Plush Toy

nessie apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Finding Nessie has always been pretty hard, but we’re here to help.

The initial launch of the Nessies sold out very fast, so when they came back on sale again, thousands of fans are clamoring to get their own.

Available via Entertainment Earth, the stuffed Nessies come in two variations.

The 6-inch version of the plush will be dropping in May 2021, and will cost $10 (£7) alongside shipping, which is a pretty decent prize for securing yourself your own slice of Apex happiness.

Nessie’s larger sibling, measuring 12-inches in height, releases in April 2021. You’ll be able to snag yourself one for $30 (£22) alongside the shipping cost. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, this larger version is already sold out.

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Described as being “perfect for display or cuddles,” our newest favorite plush “features intricate details such as a working zipper. The plush also includes a bonus interior pocket… and has an Easter egg of its very own. Grab yours now to find out what kind of surprises await with the included QR Code.”

Apex Legends Nessie plushRespawn Entertainment, Entertainment Earth
This little Nessie would look amazing next to your gaming setup!

So will you be copping a Nessie? We all could use a reliable teammate supporting us during our Apex grind, and who better to do so than this little guy? Exactly. No one.

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