What is the Apex Legends invalid token error on PS4 & Xbox?

Alan Bernal

Apex Legends players are encountering consistent connection outages across the world that points to an “invalid token” for people trying to jump into a match on PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

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In the days since the Aftermarket event patch, there’s been an increasing amount of reports from Apex fans who are getting stuck on the wrong side of a connection issue. After trying to load into servers, some people are getting faced with a message that reads: “connection rejected: invalid_token.”

This promptly shuts down their attempts to hop into the Arena, with some claiming to have gone days without a chance to play the game.

“My issue is that I haven’t seen anybody [talk] about this,” one user said. “Like nobody is actually aware that so many people can’t even get into a game.”

The Apex Legends community is finding a persistent connection error on PlayStation 4.

What is the ‘connection rejected: invalid_token’ error?

People from Canada, South Africa, the United States, and more have all logged a complaint without a fix in sight from Respawn, though there could be hope they’re aware of the issue.

Over at the Answers HQ support hub, EA Community Manager David has been noticing that “there’s a regional component to this issue,” but not much else was provided.

Of course, EA and Respawn head up Apex Legends queries often. Hopefully someone at the publisher will let the proper devs know about the spike in reports, if the devs aren’t already on the case.

Some have found a ‘workaround’ in South African regions, it could have something to do with restrictions on some people’s routers. The ‘fix’ doesn’t apply to everyone, but it could have some tips for those that need it.

This doesn’t apply to every PS4 players’ situation, but it could be helpful for people working on a fix.

“I’ve been having problems with Apex ever since the cross-platform update,” one person wrote. “… I’m not exaggerating here, like EVERY single time I try loading into a match it kicks me back to the main menu and say ‘invalid token’ and this is happening every time it finds a match.”

As this continues to prevent Apex Legends players from getting into matches, expect Respawn to work on the issue on their end soon and provide updates, which we’ll then share here.