Wattson’s Thunder Kitty skin is finally getting a recolor in Apex Legends

Alex Garton
Wattson Apex Legends Thunder Kitty

An Apex Legends leak has revealed that Wattson’s iconic Thunder Kitty skin will finally be receiving a recolor, and it’s got fans excited.

Arriving back in Season 2 of Apex Legends, Wattson may not have the highest pick rate in the Outlands, but she’s certainly one of the most popular personalities on the roster.

Her unique playstyle is centered around her deadly fences that allow the Static Defender to lock down areas of the map, luring enemies into danger where she can eliminate them with ease.

While her kit doesn’t appeal to every Apex player, her skins are some of the most sought-after in the game, especially her Thunder Kitty cosmetic from Season 12.

Well, a leak has revealed that this iconic skin is finally getting a recolor, and it’s safe to say Wattson fans are excited.

Apex Legends Thunder Kitty skin
Thunder Kitty Wattson was originally released during the Season 12 Anniversary Collection Event.

Thunder Kitty Wattson recolor leaked in Apex Legends

Thanks to reliable dataminers KralRindo and HYPERMYST, a brand new Wattson recolor has been revealed and it’s for her iconic Thunder Kitty skin.

The new design completely transforms the original skin with a neon punk theme, adding pink splashes to her outfit, light-up cat ear headphones, and even a little Nessie logo on the jacket.

Unlike a lot of recolors, this one adds so many little details that Wattson mains will appreciate, and it’s guaranteed to be a popular cosmetic.

As of yet, there’s no release date for the skin but as it’s been found in the files, we can assume it’ll arrive in the near future.

This news certainly got a lot of fans excited, with one stating that “Apex found out how to get money out of me”, and another sharing that they think this recolor is “so much better than the original… thank you.”

As showcased above, the leak also revealed another recolor for Wattson’s Cyber Punked skin, changing the original pink design to a fiery orange theme.

With so many Wattson skins on the horizon, it’s certainly an exciting time to be a fan of the Static Defender.

Let’s just hope these recolors are not kept in files for too long and arrive in-game sooner rather than later.

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