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Apex Legends update breaks Wattson & Pathfinder abilities by not placing anywhere

Published: 30/Mar/2022 16:23

by Alex Garton


The Warriors update in Apex Legends appears to have broken a lot of placeable abilities in the game, including Wattson’s fences and Pathfinder’s zipline.

Apex Legends’ Warriors Collection event arrived on March 29, reintroducing the 9v9 Control mode and of course, adding Crypto’s incredible Biwon Blade Heirloom.

Despite this, a lot of players have been running into issues with placeable abilities since the patch went live, including Pathfinder’s zipline, Wattson’s fences, and Rampart’s walls.

For whatever reason, the indicator will remain permanently red, making it impossible to place down the object.

As the majority of these abilities are fundamental elements of these Legends’ kits, it’s making it hard for these characters to compete in matches.


Wattson Apex Legends
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Wattson has a 2.2% pick rate in Season 12.

Placeable ability bug makes certain Legends useless

Following the Warriors update, a lot of the community has been finding it impossible to put down placeable abilities on the map. This is a huge problem for Legends like Wattson, whose Ultimate and Tactical require her to place down a device.

As shown by Vikan12 on the Apex Legends subreddit, no matter where they attempt to position the Interception Pylon or the fences, they simply refuse to activate.

It’s worth noting that the majority of the clips being shared when it comes to this bug are taking place on Storm Point, so it’s possible it’s related to the map, but nothing has been confirmed by the devs.


So I think that the update completely broke Wattson’s abilities, I couldn’t place any fences or ult anywhere near that area. I tried on Jurassic Park and it was the same thing. I don’t know if this happens only on SP or it’s on every map, didn’t tried on other maps. from apexlegends

This glitch is not limited to Wattson and seems to be occurring with every placeable ability in the game that includes an indicator.

Reddit user Raka864 shared a video of them attempting to use Pathfinder’s zipline, but the ability just refuses to work.

sick new pathfinder nerf for storm point.. from apexlegends

While there has been no explanation from Respawn on why this glitch is happening, it’s definitely linked to the recent Warriors patch.

Luckily, a dev responded to a Twitter post on March 30 confirming that the bug is being reviewed by the team, so it’s possible a fix is implemented soon.

It’s safe to say this isn’t a minor issue as it affects the majority of Legends on the roster, so Respawn will need to resolve this problem as soon as possible.


In the meantime, it may be worth sticking to characters like Bloodhound, Mirage, and Wraith, as you’ll avoid being affected by this frustrating glitch.