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Apex Legends

Viral Apex Legends clip shows man becoming the jumpmaster in real life

Published: 26/Mar/2021 13:21

by Jacob Hale


Apex Legends has some of the most creative fans in gaming, but this player has stepped it up a notch by literally becoming the jumpmaster — and the clip has gone viral.

Apex players love showing off their creativity using the game as their inspiration. We’ve seen incredible artwork, 3D printed weapons and jaw-dropping cosplays over the years since the game first launched.

Now, one Apex Legends fan has gone a step further by recreating one of the most dangerous features of the game, and bringing it to real life.

In a now-viral clip, one player literally becomes the jumpmaster, complete with the Apex Predator dive trail and all.


Apex Predator dive trail in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The Apex Predator dive trail is only handed out to the best of the best.

On March 25, Muffin posted a clip to Twitter simply saying: “When u are the jumpmaster.”

In the video, a man standing on the edge of a cliff attaches a flare to his foot and sets it off, kicking off a trail of smoke and red sparks. Then, he jumps off the edge of the cliff and spreads his webbed wings, floating through the sky as the Apex Legends music plays in the background, truly feeling like a real-life recreation of the game.

With his Apex Predator dive trail following, this is perhaps one of the most surreal Apex-inspired videos you’ll see. At least, it’ll likely be the most dangerous.


The video was originally uploaded to YouTube by CookieThenSodas, and has around 1,300 views at the time of writing.

However, the tweet has amassed over 8,000 total retweets and almost 30,000 likes, with players genuinely amazed at the video.

Of course, we wouldn’t advise anybody try to recreate this unless they’re well-trained and know exactly what they’re doing. It goes without saying that this is very dangerous.