Valkyrie’s jetpacks broken in Apex Legends after latest update

Valkyrie Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

The recent Apex Legends update appears to have broken Valkyrie’s jetpacks, making it impossible for the Winged Avenger to fly due to a Replicator glitch.

In the last few seasons, Valkyrie has established herself as a meta pick who offers a huge amount of power to any squad, and her 10% pick rate certainly reflects that.

With an Ultimate that can reposition an entire team, disruption from her rockets, and the ability to scan beacons as a Recon legend, it’s easy to see why she’s such a popular legend in competitive play and Ranked.

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Despite this, the recent 1.99 patch that arrived on June 30 seems to have introduced some issues for the Winged Avenger.

A new frustrating glitch is completely disabling her jetpacks, effectively making it impossible for Valkyrie to use her Passive.

Valkyrie Winged AvengerRespawn Entertainment
Valkyrie has a 10% pick rate in Season 13.

Frustrating glitch is disabling Valkyrie’s jetpacks

Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, user jarambejuice has showcased a serious bug affecting Valkyrie’s Passive that seems to have popped up following the 1.99 patch.

While playing a match on World’s Edge, jarambejuice decided to craft a few items using the Replicator, but after using the device Valkyrie’s jetpacks had been disabled.

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No matter what they tried, the ability refused to activate or work, grounding the Winged Avenger and making it extremely difficult to compete in gunfights.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the Replicator glitch also disabled their inventory which prevented them from healing or switching up their attachments.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be an isolated event or rare bug as countless players in the comments of the thread have revealed that they’ve experienced the same issue.

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One player recommended re-entering the Replicator and exiting it again, as that solved the problem for them, so make sure to give that a try if you’re struggling with this glitch.

“Yeah temporary fix in-game is to get into and exit a replicator, if I cant find one I just restart my game,” they wrote.

As it completely disables Valkyrie’s Passive, this is a bug Respawn will need to address as soon as possible or the Winged Avenger’s pick rate may take a hit.

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