Hilarious Firing Range glitch lets you fly infinitely in Apex Legends

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An incredibly fun Apex Legends glitch has been discovered in the Firing Range that allows any character to fly infinitely and take to the skies.

In Apex Legends, there’s only one character on the roster that can take to the skies at will and that’s Valkyrie, the Winged Avenger.

While her teammates can make use of her Skyward Dive Ultimate or head to the nearest balloon tower, no one in the Outlands is equipped with the ability to float in the air indefinitely, as even Valkyrie’s jetpacks run out of power.

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Well, that was until a new glitch was discovered in the Firing Range that allows any Legend to fly infinitely and even control the direction they’re traveling.

It’s worth noting that this bug cannot be abused in public matches and luckily, it’s extremely easy to activate.

Valkyrie Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The infinite flight glitch can only be activated in the Firing Range.

How to activate infinite flight glitch in Firing Range

Discovered by Apex Legends YouTuber Dirty Skirty and presented by Skeptation, the bug gives anyone on the roster the ability to fly infinitely in the Firing Range. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible on controller, so you’ll have to be using MnK to test this out.

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The glitch gives you the chance to explore the practice map from every angle and even pull off some impressive trick shots on the dummies. If you’re looking to activate infinite flight, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Head into the Firing Range.
  2. Change to Octane and place down a Launch Pad.
  3. Switch to Valkyrie from the character select screen.
  4. Use Valkyrie’s jetpack to fly upwards.
  5. While in mid-air, switch legends while holding down the spacebar key.
  6. Now float down to the Launch Pad and you’ll be thrust into the air and able to fly.
  7. As long as you continue to hold down the spacebar, you’ll float infinitely.

While you can switch to any Legend after flying up as Valkyrie, we recommend using Revenant as holding his Tactical will allow you to travel faster through the air.

If you’re looking for a visual demonstration, check Skeptation’s video below where they walk through the whole process.

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As this glitch is only usable in the Firing Range and doesn’t give players an unfair advantage, it’s unlikely this will be get patched out by Respawn.

So, if you’ve always wanted to take to the skies as Caustic, Fuse, Revenant, or any other character on the roster, it’s now possible thanks to an incredibly fun glitch.

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