Apex Legends devs working to fix Caustic bug that cancels Fuse’s Ult

Fuse looking to the sky in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Respawn Entertainment are going to address an unusual Apex Legends bug that lets Caustic perfectly counter Fuse’s Motherlode ult as soon as he fires it.

Update June 19

Respawn developer ‘pav’ said that the studio has been looking into the interaction between Caustic’s gas and Fuse’s ultimate ability that causes it to cancel.

Pav via Reddit
Respawn are looking into the Fuse bug in Apex Legends.

This comes after a few reports had come in showing Fuse’s ult untimely disappearance inside of Caustic’s AoE gas.

Original story follows below

When Fuse was first introduced to Apex Legends back in Season 8,  there was plenty of excitement and concern surrounding the Aussie-voiced legend.

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In all the teasers, his abilities came across as a little strange compared to other characters, and as soon as players got their hands on him, they found ways to have fun – with some throwing grenades miles for kills with his passive.

However, his time on top hasn’t lasted long. Fuse has slipped down the popularity rankings, clocking in as a C-tier legend in our tier list. Yet, he may slip even further thanks to a new issue.

Fuse abilitiesRespawn Entertainment
Fuse joined the Apex party in Season 8.

Apex Legends fan BASSboozler pointed out that, if Caustic has his gas out and Fuse tries to use his Motherlode ultimate at the same time, it just won’t work.

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Fuse can pull out his rocket and fire it, but as soon as it leaves the cannon, the ultimate will disappear into thin air like it’s been intercepted by Wattson’s Interception Pylon. To make matters worse, this counts as a use, and the cooldown will begin afterwards.

While some players believe this is intended, given Fuse is being damaged by the gas and the gas might damage the rocket whilst in flight, it isn’t actually listed as a supposed interaction between the two abilities.

Other players agreed with the assessment that it’s a bug and one that needs addressing by Respawn, but suggested they may not do so given that Fuse isn’t exactly a hugely popular legend.

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In either case, the studio will try work out a fix for the interaction that can leave Fuse without his ult against Caustic.