Which Apex Legends characters are best? Ultimate Season Two tier list

Matt Porter

One of the most important aspects when attempting to win an Apex Legends match is making sure you pick the right character, but with Season 2 offering 10 different Legends, it can prove tricky. If you’re struggling, our comprehensive tier list should help to point you in the right direction.

While Apex Legends may just be another battle royale game on the market, the thing that sets it apart from other titles is the Legends, characters with specific traits and skills that can give you an advantage over your opponents – or cost you wins if you are choosing weaker characters.

That’s why picking the strongest Legend you can is so important, and with the game now officially released for over seven months, there’s a pretty clear tier list that should set you up for victory and help you become Apex Champion.

This list has been divided into four tiers – S, A, B, C – and will be ranked from best to worst, so keep an eye out for who we believe are the strongest Legends, and the ones you probably should try and avoid using.

S Tier


Respawn EntertainmentLifeline is the ultimate team player in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is all about teamwork, and that makes Lifeline a must-have weapon in your team of three if you hope to make it all the way to the end of a match and claim a victory over your enemies.

Lifeline’s D.O.C Heal Drone allows her to call in a robot that will heal nearby teammates, which means you don’t need to use healing items to boost yourself up, when she could heal the whole team in seconds.

If the drone isn’t available, her passive ability Combat Medic lets you use those precious healing tools 25% faster, while her Care Package Ultimate sees a pod drop out of the sky and into your patch, full of shields and defensive gear to help you tool up to take on any adversaries.


Respawn EntertainmentBangalore can get players out of dangerous spots.

Survival is the name of the game in Apex Legends, and Bangalore is the perfect character to get you out of sticky situations.

Her Smoke Launcher tactical ability is perfect for giving you and your team a wall of protection, blocking off sightlines and allow your squad time to regroup, or make a quick exit, which is where her passive Double Time ability – which gives you a movement boost while taking fire – comes in perfectly.

Finally, Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder Ultimate which drops artillery on opponents gives her a dangerous move that can deal tons of damage to multiple players at one time, making her an excellent all-rounder.

A Tier


Respawn entertainmentWraith is one of the game’s more popular Legends.

Wraith’s abilities can be a little trickier to master, but if you can get to grips with her skillset, she can be a hugely valuable part of your team’s composition.

Her tactical ability Into the Void allows her to reposition herself mid-fight without taking any damage, while her Dimensional Rift ultimate creates a portal which can help get your whole team out of trouble – or set up a clever ambush.


Respawn EntertainmentOctane is perfect for players who want to zoom around King’s Canyon.

An all-action Legend, Octane is perfect for players who intend to take the fight to their opponents, or make a quick getaway should things go wrong in the heat of battle.

The Adrenaline Junkie’s passive ability Swift Mend restores health points over time, but you can exchange those for a 30% speed boost with the use of Stim. Octane’s ultimate sees him throw down a Launch Pad, which can be used to blast yourself towards enemies, or soar away from them depending on the situation.


Respawn EntertainmentBloodhound will help you track down opponents.

Bloodhound is another useful legend, and perfect for those who want to hunt down enemies before eliminating them from the game.

Eye of the Allfather highlights hidden enemies and traps to give you the best information possible before you engage, Tracker will highlight their footprints and show you where they went, and their ultimate ability Beast of the Hunt enhances your movement speed while also highlighting enemies hidden around King’s Canyon.

B Tier


Respawn EntertainmentPathfinder is fun, but not a great team player.

Pathfinder’s abilities are fun to use, but are not always useful to the team as a whole, mich means the friendly robot finds itself lower down the list than many may expect.

The Zipline Ultimate ability is useful to allow your teammates to zoom from one place to the other, but the Grappling Hook can only be used by Pathfinder, meaning it’s not particularly useful if your teammates are in trouble.


Respawn EntertainmentMirage is a master of deception.

Mirage’s abilities are fun, but the situational nature of them mean it isn’t always possible to use them properly, which means Mirage isn’t always the best pick for players looking for wins.

Deception is the name of the game for Mirage, with Psyche Out and Encorce both sending out decoys depending on whether you are downed or not, while Vanishing Act sends out a squad of Mirage lookalikes to confuse opponents.



Respawn EntertainmentHe’s the game’s biggest character, but he doesn’t pack the largest punch.

The closest thing to a tank in Apex Legends, Gibraltar can defend himself while firing his weapon using his Gun Shield, or his whole squad with his Dome of Protection

He, too, can rain down artillery on opponents with Defensive Bombardment, but he just doesn’t offer as much as the other Legends, and is probably worth avoiding.


Respawn EntertainmentCaustic is a master of chemical warfare.

Cuastic’s use of poisonous gases with his Nox Gas Grenade and Traps sounds great in theory, but in the heat of the moment, don’t stack up against the other Legends, making him a weak choice.


Respawn EntertainmentWattson is the newest addition to Apex Legends.

Wattson may be the newest Legend to the game, but Respawn Entertainment didn’t give her incredibly powerful abilities to introduce her to the game with a bang.

The master of electricity doesn’t do much in terms of straight-up damage, but her Perimeter Security ability can block lanes used by enemies, while her Interception Pylon will protect you from grenades and other throwable items – as long as you stick close to it.