Twitch streamer suddenly collapses after raging and slamming desk

Sometimes it can be hilarious to see someone rage after a particularly eventful mishap on Twitch, but what if it goes wrong? This streamer was left feeling seriously dazed after a random bout of rage became a little more painful than expected.  

It seems as if “gamer rage” is somewhat normalized in the modern-day, and we’ve all probably experienced it or witnessed one at some point.

While raging, there’s nothing more infuriating than being laughed at, and whether the rage is followed by them laughing at themselves, it sure is a frustrating moment.

Raging can sometimes go wrong though, which is exactly what happened to Rust Twitch streamer blazed, leading to a hilarious moment that was caught live on stream.

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blazed is a partnered Twitch streamer, who’s known for playing popular survival game rust.

While streaming popular survival game Rust, Blazed saw red after dying. Immediately standing up in anger, the streamer attempted to leave his setup, but he somehow got stuck.

With his leg stuck in his chair, the streamer fell forward, face planting into his keyboard and hitting his desk pretty hard. Fortunately, blazed was unharmed and managed to get up after a few seconds, leaving his viewers in hysterics.

For a short while, blazed was confused as to what happened and seemingly continued to go about his stream as usual. His chat was spammed with concerned viewers asking if he was okay and linked the clip that showed what happened.

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“I thought I just fell onto the screen, I didn’t think I like… died, like what was that?” the streamer said.

His friends began asking what happened, to which he responded “I don’t know, I was just really angry,” but viewers suggested that he may have passed out from standing too quick, and got headrush.

Fortunately, blazed is okay, and didn’t receive any injuries, but it may make him think twice before expressing his emotions too strongly.