Twitch streamer caught aimbotting on Apex Legends remains unbanned

A partnered Twitch streamer has been called out for aim-botting in Apex Legends.

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Hacking is an unfortunate but inevitable element of any game of even the slightest popularity, particularly in multiplayer first-person shooters. It’s unsurprising, then, that Apex Legends, which hit 25 million players in record time, is already seeing players trying to exploit cheats in the game.

One Twitch streamer, Dharyxd, has become the first player of note to be accused of exploits, with viewers calling him out for “blatant” aim-botting in the new battle royale game.

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While Dhary was playing Apex, viewers noticed multiple instances in which his aim appeared to lock onto a target and track their movement perfectly. Dhary has since deleted all of his recent VoDs, but not before the clips were captured.

Having been alerted to the suspicious clips, Respawn Entertainment’s Community Coordinator confirmed that the developer was “on it”, although no further response to the apparent cheating has been publicly announced yet.

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After viewers noticed the suspicious play in Apex, they also started looking for unusual moments in Dhary’s other streams. While the streamer was playing PUBG, viewers caught several instances in which Dhary appeared to have too much information about the exact location of enemies, leading to accusations of wall-hacks in that game as well.

Following the accusations of hacking, accounts were identified on cheat forums using the same username and profile picture that Dhary uses on Twitch.

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As yet, Dhary’s Twitch channel remains active. Hacking on stream is against Twitch’s terms of use, so if the platform investigates the matter and deems Dhary guilty of wall-hacking or aimbotting he will likely face a permanent ban.

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