TSM ImperialHal highlights crucial Apex Legends change NICKMERCS needs to make

Shay Robson

In a short amount of time, Nick’ ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has risen to the top of Apex Legends, but pro player ImperialHal suggests one crucial change to Nick’s playstyle that would make him even better.

As Warzone continues to suffer from its cheating problem, Apex Legends continues to flourish with many of the biggest Warzone content creators jumping ship in recent months.

Among the many content creators to make the switch is NICKMERCS, who’s respectfully gotten pretty good at Apex Legends in the short amount of time he’s played, even though some believe he’s been carried up the ranks.

Considered to be one of the best Apex Legends players, TSM pro Imperialhal suggested a crucial change to how the FaZe star plays Apex, which he believes would make him so much better at the game.

NICKMERCS inside Apex Legends Arenas Mode
FaZe Clan/Respawn
NICKMERCS began playing Apex Legends in August and has quickly become a good player.

By pure luck, NICKMERCS randomly encountered ImperialHal and his squad in Apex, and unsurprisingly, Nick got rolled by the pros. While it was a pretty one-sided fight, that didn’t stop NICMERCS from having some faith, as he believes if he had some more experience with Apex, stating he could have beat them.

While some could believe this is a stretch on NICKMERCS’ end, claiming he could’ve beat literal pro players, ImperialHal didn’t necessarily disagree, but he did have some advice for the new player, saying “The only thing I don’t like… he needs to have a balance. I feel like right now, how Nick is playing, that he needs to push a lot more,” he said.

“He’s just getting KP and camping out, instead of forcing fights and trying to get better. In situations like that when you have a good team pushing you, you’re just going to get rolled, because you don’t know how to fight back. It’s up to him how he’s going to play, but I think he should be a lot more aggressive.”

With Nick loving the switch to Apex and suggesting that he might not return to Warzone just yet, he might have to take Hal’s advice on board.

As he continues to get better, his next step could be to get involved with some tournaments but who knows if that’s even on Nick’s radar.