NICKMERCS hits back at Apex players claiming he gets “carried” in Ranked


Popular content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has jokingly called out CouRage on his Apex Legends ranking. 

Ever since his departure from Warzone, NICKMERCS has been busy grinding out ranked games of Apex Legends. While this adjustment has taken a number of games to get used to, Nick and his team have managed to adapt to their new surroundings incredibly well. In fact, the Call of Duty streamer recently achieved the ranking of Apex Master. 

Of course, this has led to many viewers doubting his skill and stating that he had been carried by his team. In order to fight these claims, Nick jokingly took aim at fellow teammate Jack “CouRage” Dunlop.

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CouRage is another CoD streamer who has quickly risen up the Apex Legends ranks, but Nick has been quick to call out CouRage’s Predator ranking. 

NICKMERCS calls out CouRage

Nick has been busy grinding out Apex Legends’ ranked mode.

“Truth be told, I think CouRage is a phenomenal gamer,” said Nick. “I thought he was one of the best early Fortnite pros, I’ve said all that I mean all that. But he did link up with two Apex Predators, former Apex pros to get to Predator.” 

Since his arrival to the world of Apex Legends, CouRage has played with a number of pro players. While players like NiceWigg and Tannerslays have undoubtedly helped CouRage learn the ropes, Nick believes it’s this advantage that has enabled the streamer to climb so quickly. 

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“I love Jack, I really do,” said Nick. “But I don’t care if I’m on stream in front of 50k or if it’s him and me sipping a f**king tequila, I’m going to tell him that he got carried. We can argue about it all day.” 

Nick then joked that he could get G2 Dezignful to help get him to Apex Predator. “I’ll be Predator in 10 minutes…Ok, maybe like an hour.” Despite calling CouRage out, Nick had nothing but glowing things to say about his friend. “CouRage is great, he’s better than me at Apex, he’s a great player he’s phenomenal,” said Nick. 

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Quite how long it will take for Nick to reach Predator rank remains to be seen, but the popular streamer remains hopeful that he’ll get there. 

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