This Apex Legends Vantage play is so good it could be in a trailer

apex legends vantage sniping header imageRespawn Entertainment

A Vantage main has already gone viral in the Apex Legends community and their insane play is worthy of any trailer Respawn Entertainment has put out.

With Apex Legends Season 14 finally out, players are seeing what the new Legend, Vantage, is capable of.

Though Vantage can prove a bit tricky to play thanks to her reliance on snipers, she still has plenty of utility for aggressive players.

One player perfectly demonstrated this utility in a now-viral clip, which shows off an amazing squad wipe from start to finish.

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Vantage player pulls off perfect squad wipe

Apex Legends Vantage DeceptionRespawn Entertainment
Though her kit centers around sniper rifles, Vantage has plenty of utility thanks to her Ultimate and Tactical abilities.

The play comes from Reddit user Common_Ad1866 who made a post on the Apex Legends subreddit titled “Respawn should hire me for their trailers.”

The 28-second clip shows the Vantage player on King’s Canyon tracking two players from atop a high perch.

Vantage spots an Octane and Pathfinder running through the field using her Ultimate Ability, and is able to hit two long-range snipes on Octane.

Next, the recon Legend deploys Echo to leap towards the injured Octane and sees that the Octane player used their jump pad to gain some distance.

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Seeing the opportunity provided by the jump pad, Vantage pivots and lands on the pad, hops over the Octane, and downs them with a hipfire spray from their Alternator.

Finally, Common_Ad faces off against the Pathfinder in a 1v1 scenario. They use Vantage’s Ultimate to mark the Pathfinder and hit a 50-damage sniper shot.

Common_Ad then approaches the Pathfinder and finishes them off for an expertly handled squad wipe.

The community was impressed by the clip as well, which gained over 6,300 likes in less than a day, with over 130 comments praising Common_Ad’s skills.

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