Talented 9-year-old Apex Legends player reaches Predator rank in Season 16

Alex Garton
9-year-old Apex Legends player PredatorRespawn Entertainment

A talented 9-year-old Apex Legends player has stunned the community by reaching Predator rank in Season 16.

While Apex Legends is played casually by a lot of players, some members of the community prefer to take their games extremely seriously.

For them, Ranked queue is perfect as it allows them to test out their skills against opponents of a similar level and climb up the leaderboard.

The majority of competitors sit at around Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with some incredibly skillful competitors reaching Diamond and Master. However, only the best of the best reach Predator, as there are a limited number of spots.

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So, when it was revealed that a 9-year-old managed to hit Predator in Season 16, it left a lot of players completely speechless.

Apex Legends PredatorRespawn Entertainment
Season 16 of Apex Legends didn’t introduce a new Legend to the roster.

9-year-old Apex Legends prodigy hits Predator rank

9-year-old Apex Legends player and YouTuber Lilfredson managed to hit Predator on February 20 after a long grind to the top of Ranked.

The young prodigy duo queues with his Dad but certainly doesn’t get carried, putting up impressive damage numbers and kills in every match.

Choosing controller over MnK, Lilfredson’s aim is impressive and he uses movement to his advantage to dodge bullets and outplay his foes.

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There’s even a clip on his channel of him taking down Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona’s squad, making short work of the pros during an intense gunfight.

As Lilfredson is so young, he’s got so much more time to refine his skills and get even better over the next few years.

It’ll be interesting to see whether he can maintain his Predator rank throughout Season 16 and establish himself as a top player at only 9 years old.

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