High-rank Apex Legends players have a new favorite Legend in Season 16

Alex Garton
Apex Legends Predator characters

Top-tier Apex Legends players in Predator are using one character significantly more than any other and it may be worth following in their footsteps.

Picking a character to use in Apex Legends can be extremely difficult as all 23 Legends have their own strengths and weaknesses.

A lot of the time, choosing a main will come down to personal preference but it’s worth taking into account a legend’s place in the meta and their popularity if you’re looking to maximize your chances for victory.

While the overall pick rate across the whole community is useful, sometimes it’s better to focus on what the best competitors in the world are using.

Well, based on the stats, one Legend is being picked significantly more than any other by Predator players in Season 16 and may be the best option for climbing in Ranked.

Pathfinder Apex Legends
Pathfinder is one of the most popular Legends in Apex.

When it comes to overall pick rates across the whole community, Wraith is number one with an impressive 11.3% in Season 16 according to Apex Status.

However, when you refine the stats down to Predator and Master players, Pathfinder stands tall above the rest with an incredible 19.3%.

The Forward Scout’s popularity has been propelled by huge buffs in Revelery to his zipline, which is now twice as long and allows you to travel at a significantly faster speed.

This makes it easy for Pathfinder to perform long rotations, similar to a Valkyrie Ultimate, especially if you use the Ultimate in conjunction with a balloon.

Apex Legends Pathfinder buff
Pathfinder has a 10.6% pick rate in Season 16.

So, if you’re an aggressive Apex player who loves taking gunfights and focusing on their positioning in the late game, Pathfinder is definitely the Legend for you.

His grapple takes a lot of practice to master but can be deadly in gunfights for catching foes off-guard and pulling off flanks.

While he may not sit at the top in overall pick rates, he’s dominant in Predator and if the best players are using him, you probably should be as well.