Apex Legends pro sweet hits Predator rank with no kills to “prove how bad” Ranked is

Calum Patterson
sweetdreams apex legends

The new season of Apex Legends, along with the new Ranked system, has only just started – but some high-level players are already convinced it’s broken, and NRG pro Christopher ‘sweetdreams’ Sexton set out to prove it.

The new Ranked system in Season 17 includes a hidden MMR for matchmaking, Ladder Points replacing Ranked Points, and the removal of seasonal splits.

Respawn also adjusted how scoring works, and the entry cost for matches. These changes were made with good intentions, of course, as an attempt to improve upon the flaws of the existing system.

But, within less than 24 hours, top Ranked players are not convinced. NRG pro player sweet has now completed a no-kills, no-damage challenge – and reached Predator.

Predator rank with no guns?

After the new season started, sweet said that he was planning a no-gun challenge in Ranked, with the plan to ultimately reach Predator – the highest rank possible.

“Debating on doing a no weapon challenge no shooting to pred right now to prove how bad the system is,” he said.

Sure enough, he carried out the challenge on stream, completing it in a single session of playing.

Sweet’s proposition to Respawn, to solve the problem, is to increase the entry cost at higher ranks. In Season 17, entry costs are flat across every rank.

In order to achieve the challenge, sweet had to hide, or what’s called “ratting” for the majority of matches. This meant he managed to even win five of the 50 games he played, with top-five finishes in the rest.

Some pointed out though that the new system is still fresh, with Season 17 launched on May 9, and to give it more time to settle. “It hasn’t even been 24 hours of the new system let’s chill,” one fan commented.

This is the inherent challenge Respawn faces though in the battle royale mode; balancing kills and assist points with placement in the match. If a player gets 10 kills but is eliminated in 15th, should they rank up more than a player with one kill who finishes first?

This is an ongoing debate, but sweet, and other streamers too, feel the balance is not right yet.

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