Strange Apex Legends glitch makes Revenant’s Ultimate useless

Daniel Cleary
Revenant using death totem in Apex Legends

A glitch has been found in Apex Legends that stops Revenant’s Ultimate ability, Death Totem, from working properly, and can totally ruin matches for Rev mains.

Since Revenant was added to Apex Legends in Season 4, he has become increasingly popular for the playmaking abilities that his unique kit can provide.

Among those abilities is his Ultimate, Death Totem, which gives players a brief window of protection from death and the chance to cause havoc without being punished.

revenant in Apex Legends
Revenant has become a popular pick since his introduction in Season 4.

However, it seems as if this ability also has its issues, as it was recently revealed that a glitch with the skill could cause unsuspecting players to push into their death.

With the death totem active, players are normally brought back to the totem just before their health drops below zero, but that did not seem to be the case for Reddit user u/AtitanReddit.

The Apex Legends player shared a brief clip of their encounter with this glitch, which highlighted them being downed, instead of returning to the totem, as they should have.

They were then forced to crawl to their safety before eventually returning to the totem, in a downed state, and having to use the self-revive from the golden knockdown shield to get back in the action. If they had no self-revive, this might have been the end of their match.

Despite falling victim to this unusual bug, Atitan managed to turn things around and secure a victory in the end, although it was much closer than it could have been.

The player claimed that this weird bug “makes Revenant unplayable” and that it nearly prevented them from finishing off the remaining players. It’s possible that it was actually because they had self-revive, but the devs will want to look into it.

Respawn has recently revealed they are working on some bug fixes for Revenant, and while they have yet to address this unusual glitch with his ultimate, they will likely be looking to patch this in a future update as well.

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