Apex Legends devs confirm fix for Revenant & Pathfinder damage exploit

Joe Craven
Pathfinder and Revenant with Apex Legends logo

Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that Revenant and Pathfinder taking reduced damage from Caustic’s ultimate ability is in fact an exploit, and that they are working towards a fix in Apex Legends. 

When it comes to the Ultimate Abilities featured in Apex Legends, it’s hard to find one more frustrating than Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenades. They can be detonated by Caustic with very little risk to his health, and deal significant damage to enemy players.

However, recent weeks have seen players discover that certain characters – namely Revenant and Pathfinder – take reduced damage from Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenades.

Caustic in Apex Legends.
Caustic in Apex Legends.

This fueled speculation in the Apex community that it was an intentional mechanic, perhaps because of Pathfinder and Revenant being less human than some of their fellow legends.

However, Respawn have now confirmed via their Apex Legends Trello board that the reduced damage taken by Revenant and Pathfinder is an exploit, and is not an intentional game mechanic.

The exploit has been listed as being investigated, simply described as: “Both Pathfinder and Revy take less damage when in Caustic’s Nox gas.” It seems then, that the issues do not just affect Caustic’s Ultimate, but also his Tactical Gas Traps.

Respawn Trello Card

With Respawn now investigating the issue, Apex Legends players can expect a patch in the coming weeks. There is no confirmed date for the fix, but it seems to be a fairly minor bug so it shouldn’t take the experienced developers too long to find a patch.

Other issues Respawn are investigating surround Loba’s Tactical and Wraith’s portal. It goes to show the extent to which they want to minimize bugs in Season 5, and keep Apex Legends as smooth as possible.