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Top Apex Predator player banned for “aimbotting” in Apex Legends

Published: 18/Jul/2020 11:48

by Daniel Cleary


One of the highest-ranked Apex Legends players in the Predator division has been banned from the game following claims they were using aimbot.

Apex Legends ranked play is the more competitive mode, allowing players to test their skills against others and climb the ladder in hopes of earning that elusive Predator badge.

However, there have been some issues with the playlist, as some players have been found to gain unfair advantages over their opponents, either by ‘teaming’, or with the help of cheats such as aimbots and wallhacks.

Crypto in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Some of the top-ranked players have been accused of hacking in Apex Legends.

While most of these cheaters swiftly get banned by Respawn, there have been some that have made their way up the ladder undetected and even one of the top Predator players on PC was accused of hacking.

One Apex Legends player reached out to some of the developers, claiming that the #4 ranked PC player, “bob8511101,” was blatantly cheating and called for them to be banned.

“The number 4 predator on PC and their squad is hardcore aimbotting. How the hell does apex not ban them before they climb this high?” they added.

The devs also found that the player was cheating, with Respawn producer Josh Medina revealing that he had issued a ban shortly after the clips first surfaced.

He also revealed that, after issuing punishments to other players for cheating, Respawn do not usually provide updates to each player once they report someone.

This is not the first time that some of the top-ranked Apex Legends players have been accused of cheating in Ranked play, as it was previously revealed that many of the top players had been teaming in their games to boost their MMR.

Thankfully, most of these cheaters have eventually been caught and banned.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends leaker claims Heirloom weapon skins are coming

Published: 29/Oct/2020 17:50

by Daniel Cleary


An Apex Legends leaker has claimed that Respawn are planning to add a new tier of weapons skins for guns, at the same rarity as Heirlooms.

There is plenty of choice for players when it comes to customizing their favorite Apex Legends characters or weapons, and Respawn are always releasing new cosmetic items to keep the game fresh.

The cosmetics for characters and weapons are divided into classes, based on how rare they can be to find, and new leaks are suggesting that some more ultra-rare items could be coming.

Mirage's Heirloom pack in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Gun weapon skins could be the next Heirlooms added to Apex Legends.

Heirloom weapon skins?

The Heirloom melee weapons for certain characters are the rarest items that can be unlocked in Apex Legends and, typically, there is only one of them released for a single Legend, each season.

However, while melee weapons are the only type of Heirloom cosmetics currently available, Apex leaker “SomeoneWhoLeaks” has revealed that ranged Heirloom skins for the different guns in-game might be next.

The leaker revealed that the rumor apparently stemmed from an investor inside EA before reminding Apex Legends fans that it has still yet to be confirmed by Respawn.

“Rumor has it that heirloom weapon skins are coming,” they explained, “this comes from some investors in EA, so take it with a grain of salt.”

The Apex leaker added that these would simply be released as ranged weapon skins but was unsure if they would be released through Heirloom Shards, similarly to the melee weapons that have already been released.

They also revealed that the timeline for when these potential Heirloom skins are coming is still unclear, which makes it unlikely that we will see them for the start of Season 7 on November 4.

While little has been revealed about these ultra-rare weapon skins, it is worth noting that nothing is set in stone and we won’t know for sure until Respawn officially release the rumored cosmetics.

SomeoneWhoLeaks has previously leaked Bangalore’s weapon heirloom, although we’re still to see this arrive in-game.