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Apex Legends

Strange Apex Legends bug makes Wraith become the Void

Published: 15/Jun/2020 9:57

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have uncovered an unusual bug that is making Wraith, quite literally, become the Void after a failed finisher attempt. 

Ever since Apex Legends has been around, players have been finding strange and unique bugs that might be annoying at first, but can actually be pretty hilarious to look back upon.

We’ve seen players be unable to drop into games because the map has become a colorful circle in the sky, Gibraltar’s face might end up disappearing in the pre-game menu, and there are plenty of others. Yet, players have uncovered a new issue that can make Wraith become one with her Void following a failed finisher attempt.


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Respawn Entertainment
Wraith uses the Void in multiple different ways.

The strange issue was showcased by Reddit user MasturNater7, who showed off one of their finisher attempts from a recent game. As the Wraith player summoned her Void for the Into the Light finisher, another Wraith decided to throw a punch at them – canceling out the finishing maneuver. 

Instead of the game returning to normal, MasturNater7 was left with half of their screen being replaced by the inside of the Void as it obscured their vision while the enemy players tried to take them out of the game. Though, they did manage to hang on and stay alive in the game. 


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I became the void after another wraith got jealous from apexlegends

While the bug might be pretty hilarious to see as an outsider who it hasn’t happened to, it is sure to cause a bit of a panic when it happens to someone. If you’re unable to see even a tiny part of your screen, you might end up running into an enemy that you didn’t know was there.

If it becomes a bit more widespread than just one or two instances, Respawn will likely have to investigate in order to figure out what is going on. For now, though, just be wary of someone trying to stop your finisher. Your legend might end up looking pretty different.