Simple Apex Legends pings would save players from noisy teammates

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

The ping system in Apex Legends is an extensive communication tool that has incredibly helpful messages that can be relayed to a squad – but a few options to settle down obnoxious teammates could also be immensely valuable to have.

Players that have to contend with the occasional random teammate can see how easily communication breaks down, or be non-existent to begin with. There are also times you get queued up with someone who is blatantly trolling or incredibly tilted.

It’s because of this that Apex community members came up with concepts for new ping options that can help you tame a problematic player.

Respawn Entertainment
Sometimes you need ping options to protect yourself from your own teammates.

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“Dear Respawn, please add this feature to the game,” user ‘starhunter117’ said. “I’m tired of teammates revealing my spot when we need to be quiet.”

The ‘Don’t Shoot’ ping symbol depicts a single standing bullet with a slash through it. The idea could be used to tell a loud teammate who’s either running around or thinking of taking a +100m shot that it might not be time to engage.

Too many times has a good flank or a third-party opportunity gone wrong because a player got too antsy exactly when they shouldn’t have.

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This ping could help put those concerns to bed, since it’ll be a quiet and reliable way to tell the team to hold their triggers until the right moment.

However, sometimes the ping system can turn against a team if a tilted or trolling player takes advantage of it.

That’s why user ‘moodyggg’ thought up to incorporate an option that pops up in case a player takes pings too far.

moodyggg via Reddit
An option to Mute Teammates’ pings for a moment or indefinitely could actually be beneficial in some cases.

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“I had this idea after getting Banner spammed 10 times per second from a random,” they explained. “I got tilted and I couldn’t afford to hit pause and mute.”

The concept makes a pop up ‘Mute Teammate’ button appear that lets you disable the notifications from someone who “pings banner/beacon more than 5 times in a row.”

Apex Legends already has an intricate communication system, but the two concepts can act as sort of fail-safes for those bothersome teammates you meet in matchmaking.