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Clever Apex Legends trick with Octane counters door campers

Published: 14/Apr/2020 11:36

by Andy Williams


An Apex Legends player has found a savvy use for the Adrenaline Junkie’s Jump Pad to get the upper-hand in a close-quarters gunfight, when coming up against enemies cowering behind doors.

Octane has spiced up the action in the Apex Games ever since his Season One introduction. Even three seasons on, the Adrenaline Junkie is a fun character to play thanks to his array of movement abilities.

While he might not necessarily be the most lethal character among Apex Legends’ diverse roster, Octane’s ability to regenerate health over time is one of his strongest assets.

Octane using his Jump Pad in Apex Legends.
Although perhaps Octane’s hidden gem is his Jump Pad Ultimate?

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With the ability to move faster and regenerate health, Octane is the master of escaping from tight situations. And while his abilities are never often used to aid him in a gunfight, one player has found a handy way to use the Jump Pad Ultimate to do just that.

Reddit user ‘Ichori’ posted a neat clip, in which they were hunting down an enemy Wraith near The Geyser on World’s Edge.

As their opponent scurried away to safety and hid behind a closed door, they deployed their Jump Pad under the door to fling the Wraith across the room, allowing them to bust open the door and move in for a swift kill.


I figured how to use Octain Ult. from apexlegends

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With their health dwindling away and only being equipped with a common-grade Body Shield, this was some next level fast-thinking from the Octane player.

It’s a common tactic in Apex for players to use a closed door as cover, stopping their enemy entering and forcing them to punch it for entry. But, since the Jump Pad can go straight under the door, Octane can simply bounce them out of the way.

From being in a position where the enemy Wraith held all of the cards, to simply outsmarting their foe with the simple use of their Jump Pad, Ichori really did think outside of the box with this strat.


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Another Redditor responded with another canny use for the Jump Pad too, but this time for defending a building. “Sometimes I place it at the top of ziplines when I’m trying to hold a building so that they get launched off the roof. Forces them to use the stairs,” the user shared.

Of course, there are a plethora of ways players can get creative with Octane’s Jump Pad, but this one might just take some beating, given how clutch the play was.