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Apex Legends

Apex Legends criticized for bundle prices compared to Warzone

Published: 14/Apr/2020 11:39

by Jacob Hale


Respawn Entertainment are facing fresh criticism for their pricing of cosmetic bundles in Apex Legends, especially when compared to Call of Duty’s new battle royale Warzone, and Modern Warfare as a whole.

Cosmetic bundles have become a staple of modern games, especially with the rise of free-to-play titles such as Apex Legends and competitor Fortnite using cosmetics to help monetization efforts.


With Fortnite especially, this saw some huge collaborations with the likes of Marvel and Netflix for in-game cosmetics, but it seems players aren’t particularly impressed with the price of cosmetic bundles in Apex Legends now.

Respawn Entertainment
All Apex Legends characters have some interesting skins in a variety of rarities.

The issue was brought up by OriginalFreud, and their complaint quickly gained traction among the Apex community, who seem less than impressed with Respawn’s “greed.”


The post said that “this needs to be addressed” followed by a side-by-side comparison between Wraith’s ‘Vengeance Seeker’ skin and the entire Nikto Operator bundle in Modern Warfare and Warzone – both of which total around $20.

Freud’s final statement is that they “never thought [they] would see the day Respawn became greedier than Activision,” clearly intended to be a damning indictment on both companies.


OriginalFreud isn’t impressed with cosmetic prices in Apex Legends.

The responses to OriginalFreud were mixed, though many seemed to be in support of what they were saying, upset by how much more Call of Duty players seem to get than Apex Legends.

Many agreed, saying that the cosmetics simply aren’t worth the money, while comparisons were even drawn to popular MOBA titles League of Legends and Dota 2, which seem to offer quite a lot more with their cosmetics.


On the other hand, a number of players mentioned the fact that Modern Warfare is also a $60 game, so players have paid far more than Apex Legends players just for the game alone, so the difference is somewhat justified.

Some argued that the difference is justified due to Modern Warfare’s retail price.

There is a clear difference between the contents of bundles in Apex Legends and Modern Warfare/Warzone, but as pointed out, this could boil down to the fact that Apex Legends is a free game, but CoD fans need $60 just to download the game.


Whether Respawn responds to this feedback, or look to figure out a new pricing system for cosmetics, remains to be seen, but the post received a lot of support and traction, so it may be something they have to consider.