Simple Apex Legends Lifeline trick makes saving teammates a breeze

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A simple Apex Legends trick makes saving downed teammates with Lifeline super simple. It’s so easy, you can even start using it in your very next game.

Since day one Lifeline has been the best legend for keeping teammates alive and in the fight in Apex. Her healing drone and quick, shielded revives are a godsend to almost any team, but there’s another, lesser-known way she can keep allies safe.

One of the worst parts of being downed in Apex is how slow your character crawls along the floor. However, a super simple trick lets Lifeline give squad mates a boost.

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Punch allies to safety with Lifeline

The above clip from the Apex University subreddit shows exactly the trick we’re talking about.

“I don’t know why I haven’t seen any other lifelines doing this,” user herman-342 said. “But, you can push your teammates in cover for a safe res.”

All you need to do is line up with your ally in the direction you want them to go, and melee them while they’re downed.

They should fly several feet in that direction, perfect for getting them into cover quickly for a safer rez.

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Lifeline’s passive ability is one of the most useful in Apex, but it’s easily flanked if used out in the open.

It’s a super simple technique that anyone should be able to implement right away to get off more revives than usual.

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Lifeline’s passive already provides a shield for downed teammates. However, it’s much more effective in cover than out in the open.

If you’re a Lifeline main, or if she’s in your rotation of preferred legends, this is one trick that’s definitely worth adding to your arsenal.