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Weird Apex Legends bug completely removes Wraith’s cooldown

Published: 30/Nov/2021 0:55 Updated: 30/Nov/2021 14:56

by Alec Mullins


Apex Legends players have discovered a useful Wraith and Ash combo that turns the Voidwalker’s tactical ability into the most effective escape tool in the entirety of the game.

Wraith and Ash have been staples of the scene in Season 11 of Apex Legends. The two portal-opening ladies have worked in tandem to create aggressive team compositions that can out position you and keep you guessing on where the fight is coming from at all times.

While they’ve been successful on an individual level as well, the two have achieved great results in tandem, and this bug is a big reason as to why they’re such a popular choice together this season.


Apex Legends player shows off Wraith and Ash combo bug

Ash Apex Legends Storm Point
Respawn Entertainment
Ash’s ultimate ability Phase Breach allows her to cut a one-way portal through the map. It’s not just for her though, she can bring along anyone that wants to come for the ride.

The bug in question occurs when using Wraith’s tactical ability Into the Void. When this ability is active, Wraith slips into another dimension and can briefly move around the map without risk of taking damage.

This is a handy escape tool, but it only lasts for a few seconds before going on to a 25-second cooldown.

However, if you take an Ash portal while still inside the tactical, the ability refreshes and is available to use again right away.

One user noted that this problem isn’t exclusive to Ash portals either: “It is the same with wraith portal. If you q and it is about to end go in a portal and when you reach the other side you will have it back.”


In response to this clip, Respawn’s Live Technical Director Exgeniar took the time to apologize for the issue, saying sorry and adding: “bugs are meant to be fixed.”

With Wraith’s popularity soaring back up to the top in Season 11, this bug could have quite the impact on the game. However, if Exgeniar’s comments are anything to go by, they’ll be working to limit its impact.