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Apex Legends Ranked boosting exploit is giving Predators infinite RP

Published: 29/Nov/2021 12:13

by Alex Garton


A set of Apex Legends Predators have been caught using a Ranked boosting exploit to gain infinite RP and so far, Respawn hasn’t implemented a fix for the issue.

While Ranked matches aren’t for every Apex player, they’re perfect for those looking for a competitive environment and a place to test their skills against opponents of a similar level.

The ultimate goal for any Ranked competitor is Predator, the very top tier of the Apex ladder. However, with a limited amount of spots, not many players ever reach this rank, so hitting Pred is a huge achievement.


Of course, climbing the ladder can take even the most skilled players multiple weeks and even months, so when a bunch of players in Predator started gaining max RP every single game, a lot of the community began to raise their eyebrows.

It didn’t take long for players to realize that certain high-ranked Predators were abusing an exploit involving Respawn Beacons, and so far, there’s been no word on a fix from the devs.

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Apex Legends Season 11 went live on November 2.

Apex Predators are abusing Ranked boosting exploit

After doing some investigating on the exploit, Apex YouTuber kauzey outlined exactly how Predators are abusing the exploit to gain infinite RP.

It involves two groups of separate Trios getting into the same game and arranging a meeting spot. Both squads then craft Respawn Beacons which are currently in the rotation to make with materials.


Once enough beacons have been gathered, both teams will take turns killing each other and respawning their teammates. As RP is gained based on performance and how many kills a player has got in a match, they receive the maximum points every single game.

Kauzey even showcases a clip in his video of a set of Predator squads piling up the beacons before they start abusing the exploit.

While there are multiple possible solutions for this exploit, kauzey suggests removing the Respawn Beacons from the crafting rotation so players are limited on how many kills they can boost.

Respawn has not addressed the Ranked boosting exploit or implemented a fix yet, so it’s difficult to say how many players are abusing this to gain RP.


If this exploit isn’t fixed soon, it’ll be hard to know which players earned their rank fairly, as there’s currently no Ranked decay system in-game, something a lot of pros have been calling out for in recent months.