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Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev reveals what should change in new respawn-enabled LTM

Published: 18/Jan/2020 0:07

by Eli Becht


Apex Legends’ Grand Soiree Arcade Event has brought several brand new limited-time modes into the game, but players are finding issues with ‘Live. Die. Live’ in particular.

The “Live. Die. Live.” LTM is respawn-enabled, giving players who get eliminated the opportunity to spawn back in without needing assistance from their team.

Instead of having to haul a teammate’s banner to a respawn beacon, dead players will instead automatically be revived once the circle moves if at least one member of the squad is still alive.

Apex Legends Grand Soiree Arcade Event
The Grand Soiree Arcade event is live!

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While that does sound good on paper, some players have their share of criticisms with how the mode works as a whole.


One complaint that was brought up is that players, when knocked, remain downed instead of being eliminated right away. Reddit user K3rm1tTh3Fr0g explains that since players are still knocked, that lessens the chances of players dying, which makes them spawning back in even rarer.

Apex Legends Respawn Beacon
You don’t need respawn beacons for this LTM.

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If you’re ever caught in a firefight with another squad, it’s likely one member of your squad will fall, but since you can just pick them up after the fight, it does take away a lot of the impact of this LTM.

The Redditor also said the devs should looking into adding special respawn beacons that would revive a teammate fully decked out with legendary gear, which is only being suggested because many feel the LTM is too dull.


Live. Die. Live has some major problems from apexlegends

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The criticisms caught the eye of Respawn developer Rayme Vinson, who followed up by saying he feels the team should look into implementing instant death if they ever brought it back.

“[In my opinion], instant death and shorter round timers are both especially worth seriously considering if we bring the mode around again,” said Vinson, agreeing with some of the points made in the Reddit post.

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The beauty of this event is a different LTM is being featured every couple of days, so if you find yourself not liking what’s featured, you can simply wait for the next mode in the rotation.


This event runs until January 28, so make sure you don’t miss out on the plethora of LTMs, including the return of Kings Canyon at night.